Kate Middleton Pregnant, Tabloid Swears!

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Kate Middleton is around six weeks pregnant with their first child, according to celebrity gossip magazine In Touch, citing a royal source that's allegedly well connected.

Is it true? We've heard it all before - quite recently in fact - so we say no. Especially since the palace specifically promised to break any such news first, with no leaks.

But hey, she sure is glowing and holding her belly a lot, so there's that:

A Royal Baby!

According to the insider (who has correctly revealed other "secrets," including their honeymoon location and the queen’s wedding gift), she is "definitely" pregnant.

That settles it then.

“Since before they even got married, it’s been made clear to William and Kate that having children should be their number-one priority,” the royal source reveals.

Queen Elizabeth II, in particular, has supposedly been dropping hints about wanting a great-grandchild - and an heir to the throne. Now she's supposedly "elated."

Even with Kate early in the first trimester, they’re said to have already started planning with nurseries in each of their three residences, and by picking names.

Now that their first born child will inherit the throne regardless of gender, Prince William, who was famously close to his mother, is said to be hoping for a girl.

Don't expect a baby at all in nine months, but that's a cute made-up anecdote. Nice to see fabricated Kate Middleton pregnancy stories are getting sappier.


Maybe she just has bad gas pains........


I recall the tabloids "swearing" that Kate was infertile and that a royal physician had stated that. Ha.


I am sure they r pregnant, she is holdi g her stomach way too much lately. And if they do have a girl, i would bet she will b named after diana somehow.


hey,congrats my mom is pregnet about 12 weeks


The Queen has been a great grandmother for about a year now. This isn't her first rodeo.


The royals are used to all the ceremony and wealth. It will keep England all a twitter for months - nay -years if the royal baby rumors are true. Food for thought -Aren't American babies just as special to their parents as royal babies. Having blue blood and pots of money does not make one a better person -The royals need to try to work at McDonalds with two or three extra jobs just to afford to have a child. That would give them a lesson in not spending money in such extravent ways... let's give a shout out for the working class - the back bone of any society - This is the rightous words of Catalina


i so happy for her u go girl i hope it a baby girl too


With all due respect, may I correct the source - Queen Elizabeth is ALREADY a Great-Grandmother.


Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton 7-month-old Pregnant Baby Bump Pictures:


It's the Clarence house that "announces" the news not the palace...

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