Kate Gosselin: Unemployed, Clipping Coupons Hard

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Maybe Kate Gosselin really is going broke without reality TV.

To make things a little easier with no job and eight kids to provide for, the 36-year-old single mom is clipping coupons to save some extra dough.

"No matter how much money you have, it's just smart to use coupons," she tells E! News, persuasively - there's really no arguing her on that point.

"It's like free money in your pocket."

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She will blog about her coupon savings for CouponCabin (dot) com starting November 22. Not quite as lucrative a gig as her cancelled Kate Plus 8, but hey.

"One week, I remember saving more than half my grocery bill that week with coupons," recalls the former wife of Jon Gosselin. "I was beyond thrilled."

"I've never shopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond WITHOUT my coupons! I've returned with my receipt and a coupon many times, even when 'not broke.'"

As for the future, Kate admits she's worried about her lifestyle. "I hope I have a job," she sighed in a recent interview. "I don't know what's next."

Just keep blogging about laundry, Kate. Major web traffic will come.

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I think Kate is wonderful ,you all are haters ,she is doing a good job and deserves a little respect. You all are jealouse because she is doing it all and looks gorgious doing it.Go kate I will always be a fan and support you.


Welcome to the NON CELEBRITY real world Kate.
Unlike you there are many of us that have multiple children, without the fame and money that comes with it.
Perhaps it is time to sell off all your beautiful and amazingly priced shoe collection.


Why are people so meanspirited? Why do so many people feel free to point fingers and make the harshest judgments of other human beings? Hasn't anyone else ever made a mistake? SHEESH!!!


She clips coupons? I did not know Sams Club accepted coupons. I don't get her. She gets the kids clothes for free, anything for the kids or herself for free, has 3 Nannies, Organic Chef, how many housekeepers?, someone to do her laundry full time. What happened to her chickens, does she still have them? A multi-million estate with chickens, reminds me of the Clampets. If she does clip coupons it's only a show to get money from that new blog and nothing else. I will not be going on that coupon site. Also a few stores will NOT take internet coupons because of forgery.


Kate is not the stable person she claims to be. Jon had the insite to get our of reality tv. she ius such a witch. He should have custody


Kate has always clipped coupons, even before the reality show thing. She wants a celebrity style life with a never ending cash flow. Kate you are not what you think you are. Get a job and quit looking for handouts from others.


go back to nursing bitch & return your new car!


Kate and Jon G should have thought about how they were going to support 8 kids without TV exploitation many, many years ago. Millions of families are able to manage and thrive with more children than the Gosselin's. This family is a psychiatric mess and Kate needs to get into extensive therapy. She is a grifter and chronic lier.


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