Best Mom Ever: Kate Gosselin Lets Kids Play Under the Minivan

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Kate Gosselin is not winning any parent of the year awards after this.

In startling photos taken yesterday, her kids were seen climbing around and beneath the family-size van, with one of their heads behind the right front wheel.

The alarming scenario occurred when the former reality star pulled up at a parking lot to meet the school bus and take her eight kids with Jon Gosselin home.

Kate was lambasted by parenting and child protection advocates:

Gosselin Kids at Play
The Great Kate Gosselin

"A minivan is a 3000-pound lethal weapon and having children crawling around it is not prudent," KidsAndCars (dot) org president Janette Fennell said.

Rather than getting out of the huge van to supervise them, Kate stayed in the driver seat as the kids piled in with their big backpacks on their backs.

Instead of following his siblings into the car, some of them scrambled all the way under the vehicle and play on the ground ... with the engine running.

Even though Kate didn't run anyone over, "She should have gotten out of the car to supervise, especially when you have that many kids," Fennell says.

"Kids tend to put themselves in harms way in an instant. You should never leave them unattended around vehicles. Children that age are unpredictable."

Maybe KG was just clipping coupons hard up front.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]




Which of you would allow your kids to crawl under your car while the engine is running????Even if you are in the drivers seat?


I'm intrigued by the fact that so many people feel they have to defend her, and are nasty in their attacks on people who dare to say a negative word about KG. In this instance, in a public parking lot, this was a pretty scary scenario. No, she is not the worst mother, but if the children are getting out of the car, she needs to be on her feet. This is an indication that they are missing some lessons in common safety, and that she has neglected to enforce all those rules that she talked about so much on her show and in her books.


My sister, cousins and I used to play under and in the cars all the time. Once, my sister fell ot of the car when it was stopped at a light because the door latch failed. She then crawled under the car. Luckily, we found her. Accidents can happen in a minute but that doesn't mean that the parent is a bad parent. Perhaps the kid madness just gets worse if Kate chases them around the car. It might be more effective to let then settle down themselves. Don't judge what you don't know.


If anyone who writes these hateful comments have eight kids then maybe their opinion matters. Easy to talk trash when you don't have that many children. And if you don't have eight kids then your opinion really doesn't come from anything other then your need to judge others. Best wishes to Kate and don't ever listen to the haters. They are obviously projecting their miserable life on others.


the is question is, did kate see the kids under the car? or is the nanny surpose to take care of them at that particular time? i am not in surport of kate but all i am saying is kate is not the worse mom on earth so leave her alone. if u think it is possible, then take 8 kids from anywhere and leave with them for only 1 month. you will see how difficult it is.




Well I think the only reason she even did the TV show was to get in the lime light if she thought about her kids she wouldn't keep putting herself in front of the camera and be a real parent and think of their wellbeing.


Kate Gosselin is a lying, no talent, monstrous mother. She is neglecting her children big time and this is just one more example of that neglect. At this time in her life she is bored being a mom and just wants the lime light, and without any talent it will be impossible for her to achieve that unless she continues to make a mockery of her children and self for tabloid attention. Where is the Gosselin father? Kate needs to be Court ordered into parenting classes and therapy. She is going down the deep end fast.


better watch your kids more carefully. accidents happen fast.


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