Kat Von D Says Jesse James is "Toxic," Cheated on Her 19 Times

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Kat Von D does not hold back in a scathing Facebook post about Jesse James.

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    omg this balding, freakish tranny-Cher really should just shut it for a minute!! Her mouth AND her legs!

    I mean she still has the Jesse jizz drying on her thighs and she's been carrying on about these 19 women... poor her... and now quite suddenly she's tweeting that she still dreams of Ville Valo and loves him with all of her heart... !?... and that she should have waited for him!!? ffs ...why is it that some people cant just be ALONE for a second?! Desperate, greasy and gross! Ville deserves someone whose caustic juices WONT dissolve his thing off.... just sayin'...!

    @ thats_gross

    what did the tweet about ville actually say?


    I was married to a habitual cheater for 12 years. We had two small children so I tried to stick it out. After the divorce he remarried, supposedly for the last time. He ended up having repeated affairs with the woman's 22 year old daughter. She eventually gained access to one of his social media pages and discovered a slew of naughty mail they had sent & received. After busting him she immediately told him to hit the road and "comforted" her upset daughter, who is known around their town as "the bicycle". Once a cheater, always a cheater, but... Karma is a boomerang.


    she deserves what she got with Jesse, they are both cheaters, when you break up a marriage by cheating, both parties will cheat on each other


    Leave the guy alone, He is great at building bikes and what he does or who he is with is no ones buss. Mind your owe buss. and this world would be a better place. People cant even shit without someone talking trash.


    this guy is not the marrying type, he is a hard core biker who likes to whore around. He will never settle down with any woman, just goes to show how stupid Kat was to think she was gonna get him to change, a leopard dont change its spots, you are what you are, like forrest gump says "stupid is as stupid does"


    I thought it was bombshell whats her face he cheated on Sandra with. Bombshell McGee or some such - not Kat. Kat came along after he admitted to Sandra what Bombshell said was true when that skank went public with the fact she was with Jesse while Sandra was on location. Kat was not the one that broke up his marriage, Bombshell McGee was. Before you guys blame Kat for the break up of his marriage, look up old bombshell McGee


    oh come on as if that big beast kate wasnt bouncing on every telephone pole she could find!

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