Justin Bieber vs. Mariah Yeater: It's Not Over!

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Earlier this week, text messages allegedly sent by Mariah Yeater were leaked to TMZ and seemed to include reference to someone other than Justin Bieber as the father of her child. This revelation took place soon after the accuser dropped her paternity suit against the singer.

Bieber in New York

So, case closed, right?

YES, says Bieber's attorney, telling E! News: "This information proves Mariah Yeater fabricated the story... Yeater and her co-conspirators hatched this scheme in order to extort money from him and to sell her story to the media. There have been no settlement discussions and there never will be."

NO, says Jeffrey Leving, Yeater's attorney. He believes the messages were "fabricated," adding that "the information I have is these text messages were not sent by her."

Bieber still plans to take a DNA test, sources confirm, in order to end this rumor once and for all.

His manager reiterated in a radio interview with Elvis Duran that there will be NO settlement and, in the same interview, Justin proved that he still has a sense of humor.

"If it was up to me, it would've been a better story - like Justin Bieber went off to South America with this 27-year-old supermodel," he joke. "That would've been an awesome rumor."

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ok girl u must be on dream land so please..............come to reality maria hietler u a really a crazy bitch...........


if u look at her pictures she looks like shes on crack or something and why would she just now say his the farther look at her eyes and her teeth u know shes on drugs and she got arrested before for drugs well thats wat i heard


justin is not the father


One day last week, I read on-line somewhere (but, by accident) that Mariah Yeater (1) DOES NOT LIKE any of Justin Bieber's music and (2) doesn't remember any of Justin's songs. To me, this is further proof that Mariah Yeater is nothing but a gold-digging LEECH!!!!! And, I agree with Ashley...Mariah Yeater needs to be arrested for fraud. Furthermore, I think that Justin's mom Patti needs to file/press charges against Mariah Yeater...QUICKLY!!!!! I can only imagine how many other people that Mariah has tried to con/scam in the past. If someone doesn't stop her, she'll probably keep on conning/scamming other people. The Bottom Line: SOMEONE needs to bring her to a screeching halt...NOW!!!!! PEACE-OUT EVERYONE!!!!!


Justin most definitely needs to follow through with the DNA testing, if not it will forever be said that she was paid off. Then he needs to sue her sorry azz. And most definitely the Child Protective Services should do a home study on this girl to be sure she is being a suitable parent, she seems pretty whacked to me.


I can not beleive in this lawyer called Leving. Is he after also with the scam to start with? This girl Mariah is lying from the begining. Mr Leving should help her to get physicological help first and do a lie detector test before he starts accepting everything Mariah tells him.She is a sick lady with ongoing lies. She will lie in front of the Judge too.


hi Justin all u have 2 do s 2 ignore what ever she says cause u know u did not, cannot or never do such a thing like that


Wait, the text was sent in August? I wouldnt have enough space in my inbox to keep a message that long.


she needs to be arrested for fraud. i even heard from someone that she already threatened to kill someone. she needs mental help. social workers need to step in


Stick a fork in her, she's done. Why would she think she's entitled to a settlement besides if she dropped the paternity suit JB has no legal obligation to submit to DNA testing but I believe he will to show the world she is a looney tune, er...liar