Justin Bieber to Take Paternity Test, Sue Mariah Yeater

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Justin Bieber has hired an attorney and will file a lawsuit against Mariah Yeater, sources tell TMZ.

The pop star is reportedly teaming with Howard Weitzman, a big-time lawyer in Hollywood, and plans to take a paternity test when he returns from Europe in the near future. Weitzman has already contacted Yeater's legal team and informed it of his client's intentions.

Bieber in New York

While Yeater's assertion that Bieber is the father of her three-month old son was always questionable, new evidence - that Yeater previously accused another man of knocking her up, and was subsequently arrested for slapping that other guy multiple times - calls the claim into more doubt than ever before.

Do you think Bieber if Mariah's baby daddy?


It's about time! Take the test so we can stop having to hear about this trashy little girl!


Another article stated they were hiring their own lab team. I smell a cover up if that happens.otherwise why wait so long to finally give in to a test rather than continue with the original plan of ignoring the problem?


There you go! That is what I have been saying! Take the test then sue her. That will stop this crazyness and also stop any future women trying this. If he is not the father, she will pay all legal fees, test fees. Plus defamation of charecter. So you better be darn sure he is the father, because if not you will be having a huge bill in the end.


ha! im not even a biebs fan but i want to see how this all ends. sounds like this beyotch is about to get caught in a serious liable law suit. sue that trash, biebs! i hate liars and fame whores. this will show all the kim kardashian wanna bes that america is over it! get a job!


50 - 50 chance!

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