Justin Bieber to Take Paternity Test, Sue Mariah Yeater

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Justin Bieber has hired an attorney and will file a lawsuit against Mariah Yeater, sources tell TMZ.

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    i ¤think this girl is crazy even if some people are saying that why did he choose j.b ok i think she was loving j.b aaah


    its not gonna happen
    he's not that kinda of a guy
    i belive in u JUSTIN BIEBER
    i think we BELIBERS are with you


    I'm gonna be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dissapointed If All Of This is true :'(


    there is no way that its his. What if she was already pg without evering it though: she just wants the money and attention thats all. Screw her. Justin, i may not be a big fan of yours but hang in there big guy. Just take the test and after that hopefully it will be over with. Keep your fingers crossed. U need to be with selena gomez.


    That baby is not justins she just wants attention.and everyone who believes her lie just want their ears to be tickled.if it was he would have owned up to the baby but its not nd it will be proved.this is to all the people that believes this lie and to his haters.this is so not gonna get him down.he has his team and his belieber behind him 100%


    Im with Ben with this ya get a fukin job n sstop getin on Justins shit


    biebers in trouble now his mommy aint gonna save him. hes keeps saying 'no that's not my baby' but has he once said umm i didn't have sex wit her NO he hasn't so this babies his and he knows it hes a manwhore and he doesn't have his mommy to save his troubled self.


    ‎​i̶̲̥̅̊ suspect that †ђξ girl is telling †ђξ truth, otherwise why did she pick Bieber of all †ђξ Artists i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ †ђξ whole world?


    If she only slept with 2 guys and the ex bf denied it, then DUN DUN DUN its gotta be JB's 30 seconds of bliss baby. End of story.


    why would bieber tap such a disgusting tramp when he can have any girl out there? makes no sense. sue the trash so other trash cans out there know that their lies will come back to haunt them.

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