Justin Bieber Takes DNA Test, Serenades Selena Gomez

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If Justin Bieber looked especially relaxed at last night's American Music Awards - singing "Under the Mistletoe," posing on the red carpet - there was a good reason for the artist's positive mood:

He reportedly took a DNA test Friday, as Bieber looks to officially clear his sperm and end talk that he's the father of Mariah Yeater's child.

A Peck from Justin

Justin Bieber doesn't look too worried about anything other than making Selena Gomez happy, does he?

A source tells TMZ that Justin took the test at a lab under "very controlled circumstances." From here, assuming the results prove he is NOT the daddy, Bieber's team says he will sue Yeater for defamation.

Meanwhile, shortly after taking the test, Bieber rehearsed in Los Angeles for his AMA performance - and witnesses say he paid especially close attention to a certain member of the crowd throughout the evening: Selena Gomez.

"At one point Justin even sang I Feel Good, a la James Brown! They were totally adorable," an onlooker reports of Justin and Selena. "They were snuggling in between takes, and he was serenading her! They look as in love as ever."


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Awww!! Luk how happy they r together, nd all the haters r just trying to break em up nd right NOW they rn't together but a hope they get bk soon xxxx. Even though am a belieber I still want Justin to be with Selenax(Jelena)x JUSTIN mke all them haters even more jealous xxx.Do you kw wht haters? If u h8 Justin Bieber u have 2 h8 me 2 or y don't use just H8 me instead of him LEAVE the poor guy ALONE!!! Let him live his life like a human being wud, u wudnt want me to to get a MILLION ppl nd tell em to comment horrible things on u like r guess wot this nd tht hasn't hit puberty or he's a girl. NO U WUDNT PETS SO Y BOTHER DO IT TO OTHER PPL!!! He's 18 so how could he has not strted puberty, ppl r so dense these days .... XxX GO JUSTIN BIEBER!!! XxX
XxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxXxxxxxxXxxxxxxXxxxxxX Btw thts so SICK of u Mariah I was gunna vomit when I heard about this u have no right to do tht to a human being,SO SICK of u to do tht!!!!!


I think that they make a very cute couple!! My little
Sister was like the worlds biggest fan to jb
She litterly had over 25 posters of him..
I love to listen to selena so let them b.. Im sure
The people that hate on them are just lonley
And mad because selena and justin love each
Other and they dont have anybody to love..
Selena u go girl


Selena G ....... Is bloody marrie .
She dont have mind to think that........she is a fool
LOL BIZZIE crazy selena.......
Go be fully naked on road babe


oooo justın bıeber ingilizcemin olduğu kadarıyla anlamaya çalıştım .sesin haklı oldugunu biliyordum.çok mutluyum henüz 13 yaşındayım ve türkiyede yaşıyorum.bende senin gibi ünlü olmak istiyorum ama beyin cerahı olarak.bu arad benimde nisan ayında müzikalim var keşke sende olsan güzel olurdu.seni çokkk seviyroum.ve türkiyeye gelmeni bekliyorum.biliyorum senı ayagımıza cagırıyor gıbı olacak ama nolur türkiyeden akdenızde olana adanaya gel yalvarırım


hola selena gomez me encata tu ropa eres muy bonita quisiera ser como tu ¿me podrias dar tu correo verdadero?


hola selena gomez me encata tu ropa eres muy bonita quisiera ser como tu me podrias dar tu correo verdadero?


Aww.... they are still together
they looks great together..
hope they could be together forever..^^


I'm so happy for u too I'm Selena's biggest fan and my girlfriend is Justin's biggest fan. Wish it was Justin's


Selena gomez is FINE stop haten on her


Selena rocks justin bevber suck

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