Justin Bieber Lawsuit Against Mariah Yeater: Oh, It's Still On!

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Mariah Yeater dropped her lawsuit against Justin Bieber, but if she thinks she's out of the woods after dismissing her paternity claim, girl can keep dreaming.

Quietly, Yeater dismissed the suit last Thursday, after Justin and his team made it clear they would sue Mariah and her lawyers for their "malicious claims."

Guess what? They still are, because even though Mariah Yeater no longer hopes to extort money from the Bieb, she still made the claim in the first place.

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Justin is not backing down, according to the star's publicist, Matthew Hiltzik, who says Yeater and her lawyers, who have since quit, will be hearing about this.

"We intend to still hold them accountable," he said.

After Yeater claimed Bieber fathered her baby after 30 seconds of aggressive bathroom sex last year, Justin wanted to go after her and set an example that people who file baseless claims against celebrities do so at their own peril.

She gave interviews to Star Magazine and The Insider, and possibly others, about the whole thing, too, meaning she basically lied about Bieber and got paid.

You can bet she'll be asked to pay damages REAL fast.


Clovergirl,30 seconds is more than enough time to get pregnant. Like k said, it has to do with ejaculate. Naive statements like that one is proof that this country's health & sex education programs are terrible. If you truly don't know how babies are made, you really need to educate yourself. Do this for your own safety & protection.

Camille davis

good for your Justin!!! clear your name and make sure that little bitch pays through her nose for those allegations... she didnt think about what her accusations would mean to the real baby mamas out there... she just made it just a little bit harder for the honest ones...


Clover girl your a dumbass and learn how to spell....... So glad he is not letting this go, what made her think she could lie about an innocent childs paternity? That poor kid will probaly be bullied at school now... Not Jb's biggest fan but she could of really damaged his career? Wasnt very believable he fancied a bunk up with her, shes vile


I am not a Beiber fan by any stretch of the imagination but I am just delighted that he plans to vigorously pursue this matter until justice is served. I truly hope that he is able to set an example that one cannot just slander someone, no matter how rich or famous. Funny, it was all over the news that he fathered this so-called child but not a word in the media (besides THG) that this suit has been dropped. And yes @Clovergirl-- one most certainly get pregnant, whether it was 30 seconds or 10 seconds. It's girls like you that have no parental guidance, hence your logic. No wonder our country is truly messed up. We have a bunch of kids running around spewing nonsense such as your post and the sad part is they actually believe this-- wow!!!


I'm so sick of people saying she couldn't get pregnant in 30 seconds. She could in 10 seconds. She could even if he didn't nut, but just barely even pre nutted. Sorry to get graphic but it's so stupid. Educate yourself, you sound dumb as hell!


Clover girl have you heard of a thing call ejaculation? It doesn't matter it lasted 30 seconds or 30 hours, that silly thing called ejaculation... You know, the thing a guy does when he... I'm not here to give you sex ed. Get educated. You're probably one of the ones who thinks you can't get pregnant as long as it's your first time and he pulls out. Idiot.


I'm disappointed. Disappointed that she didn't pick a better looking celebrity before yelling, "He's my baby daddy!". You couldn't pay me to go out with this guy. How long till Selena IS pregnant? Has Beaver even been through puberty yet?


Dis girl is crazy how can u get pregant after 30 sec of sex dats crazy money money money dats all wat its about

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