Justin Bieber Lawsuit Against Mariah Yeater: Oh, It's Still On!

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Mariah Yeater dropped her lawsuit against Justin Bieber, but if she thinks she's out of the woods after dismissing her paternity claim, girl can keep dreaming.

Quietly, Yeater dismissed the suit last Thursday, after Justin and his team made it clear they would sue Mariah and her lawyers for their "malicious claims."

Guess what? They still are, because even though Mariah Yeater no longer hopes to extort money from the Bieb, she still made the claim in the first place.

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Justin is not backing down, according to the star's publicist, Matthew Hiltzik, who says Yeater and her lawyers, who have since quit, will be hearing about this.

"We intend to still hold them accountable," he said.

After Yeater claimed Bieber fathered her baby after 30 seconds of aggressive bathroom sex last year, Justin wanted to go after her and set an example that people who file baseless claims against celebrities do so at their own peril.

She gave interviews to Star Magazine and The Insider, and possibly others, about the whole thing, too, meaning she basically lied about Bieber and got paid.

You can bet she'll be asked to pay damages REAL fast.

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Maureen, it's called erotomania. That defiantly seems like her.


and im 13 years old and is african-american in case u wanna kno dat too and is from and born in d.c and is bout 2 be 14 pretty soon


and frist all i never had sex befor and two we havent learned about sex in school yet even though i know a little bit about it and three i never heard of gettin pregant after 30 seconds well if its possible to get pregant after 30 seconds then oh well we dont need to have a big argument about it we should all be mature here


emma dats wat i said i said she was lying on jb and dont call me a dumbass wat the hell is ur problem


You know, this is what happens when a fan turns into a obsessive stalker, whose dreamt of being with an artist so many times that the obsessed starts to believe that it really did happened. Not quite sure, but I think there is a psyological term for that sort of behavior. Either there is a term or I'm just a know-it-all wannabe. haha
P.S. Clovergirl, although 30 seconds is a short time, women can conceive within less time than that. About 30% of male has a disorder called Premature Ejaculation, otherwise known as PE. Most men are embarassed to talk about it but in most cases they can't go longer than 20 sec to a minute or two, maybe even less. It's most unfortunate when it comes to true love and an awkward subject to talk about with your boyfriend, but it happens a lot more than you think.


How old are you, clovergirl? maybe you should head for your local health nurse's office real soon and get educated.


This is a really sick woman , people like her should be thrown out of society!


Okay Covergirl, I guess your a "Z lister" for a reason. Read my post about the ability of getting pregnant even if it's not in. Are you 10?


People need to not believe EVERYTHING the media reports. It's always half truths. True part: she got pregnant and had a baby. Lie part: it's not Justin's Bieber. Where's that report media whores? Yall work to report lies but when the truth comes out you don't report that. Stop believing the hype people.


Uh, you don't even have to put it in to get pregnant. All you have to do is just rub it on or near the vjay and you can get pregnant. Those little spermbuddies are strong swimmers. I knew that wasn't Justin's baby. Not really a fan but after reading about his background with his father and his feelings behind it, I didn't think he would take that same route. Just food for thought for those who are'nt educated on just how EASY it is to get pregnant. WRAP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Aids is no joke.

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