Justin Bieber Lawsuit Against Mariah Yeater: Oh, It's Still On!

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Mariah Yeater dropped her lawsuit against Justin Bieber, but if she thinks she's out of the woods after dismissing her paternity claim, girl can keep dreaming.

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    Its all fake Justin can't to dis l


    A tastless act obviously a girl (will not class her as a woman) desparate to try and support her kid and figured biebs was an easy mark... As to the one putting bieber down for turning around and sueing this girl two wrongs may not make a right, but i cant say a blame bieber for going after this girl who obviously knew that the chances bieber was the daddy were slim if at all other wise she would have taken her chances with the test


    The fag boy Bieber gave the dumb bitch 4 million and is going to publicly sue her for two mill back! He fucked just to reassure himself of the fact that he likes dicks! Now all you stupid bitches can stop worrying about a guy that will never talk to you!!!!


    Wat d hell r u mariah ?? I kno it's all fake .... Bieber didn't did that ... I wanna kill u ...


    to the visitor who is angry that Justin Bieber has said he will sue his accuser, you clearly don't understand what is going on. He is sending a message to the next fifty people who consider pulling this sort of stunt that he plays hardball with that sort of thing. It's a smart move, because it protects him, not just now, but in the future.

    As for taking financial advantage of the girl and her baby, money isn't the only thing judges demand in trials. Her judge could sentence her to community service, and Beiber can request he do so. I'd do that if I were a judge. Clearly she needs to find better use of her time, since what she's done with it so far is get pregnant and nvent a crime that never came close to happening.


    The fuck girl made Justin Biber being baby daddy is totoally lame girk




    Geez, you people. Covergirl made a comment on something she didn't know much about, and everybody decides to give her a piece of their mind? I think one answer was enough; you all basically said the same thing...I think she got the point. She's only 14, for heaven sake!!! You wanna know where I learned about stuff like that? It sure wasn't school. But I would appreciate it if Covergirl didn't use baby talk...


    Maureen, it's called erotomania. That defiantly seems like her.


    and im 13 years old and is african-american in case u wanna kno dat too and is from and born in d.c and is bout 2 be 14 pretty soon

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