Justin Bieber Fights Through "Crap and Lies," Releases New Video

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Justin Bieber has released both a new music video and a new statement.

Justin Bieber on DWTS

A day after Mariah Yeater stuck to her story and spoke out for the first time about how/when Bieber supposedly knocked her up, the 17-year old superstar has introduced his official video for "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" by thanking fans and responding to what he describes as nothing but "crap and lies."

First, the animatedly awesome new video:

Now, a few words from the artist:

"So this past week and even today every rumor and lie about me possible has been coming out in the press. Just need to ignore it..but ... even through all the crap and lies...my fans have been there for me...and i just got word..It is OFFICIAL!! that... #UnderTheMistletoe is the #1 Album on the BILLBOARD 200 this week!!! WE ARE THE #1 ALBUM!! so to the people making up this BS ... SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN TO TOWN B*Tches! #ILOVEMYFANS!! THANK U. Here is the NEW VIDEO as Promised! stay true to yourself. they can never break us. we are a family. #TEAMBIEBER goes HARD!"

You tell 'em, JB!

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Ok as my name u. No it I hate jb , when it comes to singing its ok but when it comes to looks heck no his looks are crap he problay smells like crap. Selena is beautiful and she can do infinity times better than crappy jb and guess who's ruining her career piece of crap Justin bieber. Selena never gets her hands to herslef and by the way jb can't pull his pants up and I hate him .Selena break up with him and do better. He s ugly and u pretty. Lov ya selena hate u piece of crap justin crappy pants gaybieber.love ya Selena


I just love you and your hair it rocks
If I had 100000 dollars I would pay to
Go to your consert love you bye my real
Name is Paige.


Justin people hate thats all there gonna do so ignour and i hope that all the haters suffer the consequence they dont have to keep makin up lies to drag down the cutest male celebrity but you will always rise back up!!!! Love you justin!!!!


Justin i know you are stressin cuz mariah is sayin tat her baby from another guy is urs u dnt have to be goin through wat ever she say.my mom always tells me to ignour i tats wat i do an i realy feel bad 4 u jus dont listen 2 M ARIAH jus leave it be JB!!


i so love justin drew bieber


He don't deserve people talking crap that ain't true they just jelouse cuz they wish they was him. Keep up the good work justin you are doing great at what you do. Ignougr the drama and bs you are a great guy and people need to learn to keep there opinions to there self. Love you justin


Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, so is THE DNA TEST!


Bieber needs to calm down! Yes, he has the right to be offended if these "rumors" are not true, but what if they are? He shouldn't be responding so IMMATURELY. If he is so confident that these are all just rumors and lies, he needs to be the bigger person and ignore it rather than add flames to the fire. Like he said, his fans will stick by him, so why not give them a good reason to, instead of talking crap about Mariah? & he didn't confirm nor deny him being the father in his little statement which in my opinion was a complete waste of time because he didn't even speak on it , all i saw was him saying this is some bee ess. so, it seems to me like he is just trying to avoid the truth rather than BEING A MAN and facing it! He MAY have slept with her and he MAY NOT HAVE either way we will find out on D E C E M B E R 1 5 (:


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totally always with justin bieber fans

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