Justin Bieber Fan Issues Scary Death Threat Against Caitlin Beadles

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A fan of Justin Bieber has taken her passion to a very scary, dangerous level.

According to a warrant obtained by TMZ, a 14-year old in Kentucky (believed to be developmentally disabled) used the handle KILLSGANDCB (Kill Selena Gomez and Caitlin Beadles?) on social media site Tumblr recently, writing that she was going to "murder" Beadles, the girl rumored to be dating Justin last summer.

Justin Bieber in England

This individual ominously added that she had cameras on Beadles at all times and said the victim won't even know what's happening until she "wakes up on the other side of her bed with a knife." Detectives have contacted the troubled girl's mother and she is reportedly taking a close look at her daughter's online activities.

This is the most extreme example yet of a Belieber threatening the life of someone with whom Justin is/was involved.

Gomez has faced a number of Twitter haters, while Mariah Yeater is currently facing the wrath of Bieber fans angry at her for claiming Justin fathered her child. Peeps gotta calm the heck down.

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@freesprit114 I totally get your point but i kinda disagree with the whole other idol thing. I know some girls are not as dedicated and if you don't think so then I don't care cause ya'll don't know me but I loved Justin Bieber from 2008 and nothing has changed from since then..... I WILL NOT send death threats over Justin because I will not kill anyone over him cause He doesn't even know if I exist and not only that but I am just not that idiotic..... I love him but not in a real relationship I love him cause I think he's talented and I kinda just have a feeling for him. I totally disagree with the better voice thing because I think Justin Bieber is the best singer in thee world and I don't care what anyone else thinks. I love JB and I don't care if you still don't understand what I mean.


wow this is fantastic love you jb

Pretty topaz



Justin Bieber fans are like the children of the corn and Justin is their Malaki, so I would take their threats very serious, lol. If you know that movie you are not a true justin fan LMAO.


These "fans" must be wearing their diapers to tight! Man this is funny. Justin Bieber fans making death threats?? that is like being scared of the cookie monster! these clowns are a joke. People I run with in this world would keep these bozos as a pet. But Keep trying to talk tough. Your not, You do not impress me.


That is so stupid, what does she think will happen. Does she think justin will fall in love with her, get real. Getting that obsessive over someone you'll probably never meet is moronic. She needs help, besides justin isn't even that cute.


if you are the girl who date justin and someone threatens or plans to kill you, what will you do?


people need to get real. OBVIOUSLY this is fake. lmao

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