Justin Bieber, Boyz II Men Go "Fa La La" on Dancing with the Stars

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Justin Bieber may or may not have knocked up a 20-year old from California named Mariah Yeater.

But the artist definitely performed on Dancing with the Stars last night!

Joined by Boyz II Men, the iconic crooner debuted a new spiked haircut and sang another track off his recently-released Christmas album. It's titled "Fa La La," it's likely to make all the girls go "rah! rah! rah!" and you can watch the live performance now:

Who got voted off Dancing with the Stars this week, meanwhile? Find out now!


iloveyou so much youare so cute


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is he justin son?


It sounded as if he was struggling to sing... His voice just didn't sound right...


Justin is so damn cute. All these years, I didn't understand why the girls were going crazy like they are/were...it is because he is just so dang freaking handsome! What a sweet little cutie pie!!!

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