Justin Bieber Baby Rumor: Do You Believe It?

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He couldn't have... could he?

Justin Bieber Star Magazine Cover

Justin Bieber fans awoke yesterday to the shocking rumor that this 17-year old superstar impregnated a fan named Mariah Yeater in October of 2010, presumably taking her into a bathroom following a concert in Los Angeles and losing his virginity in an unprotected, foolish manner.

Fast forward nine months and Yeater tells Star Magazine she has given birth to Justin's baby. She is suing for child support.

The singer's reps have already issued a statement denying this "malicious" claim, and Bieber himself acknowledged it with a Tweet last night:

Im going to ignore the rumors...and focus on what is real.an opportunity to help by doing what i love. Judge me on the music! Love yall!

This certainly sounds like a wild money grab, but crazier chatter has proven true. Where do you stand, Beliebers? Are you buying Yeater's tale?

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will i think that Justin bier is hot but he is guy


That might be possible because his reproductive system according to his age his already matured and can produce sperms so there's a huge possibility for him to impregnant any matured woman or girl.so sorry Justin but what you have to do is to take a paternity test cause thats the best thing to do and to be so sure about this.This things happens alot especially to the p'ple who has the same class as yours.Best reguards Mr Beiber


this lady is an idiot!!!!!!!!!!! WTF IS SHE THINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate ppl like her!! Justin i soooooooooooooo sry that u got this to deal with. PPL R JUST IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but even sooo its kewl to c how clam u can control ur self with all this goin on.... if that was me I'll b goin insane XD


listen i think this is all stupid cuase i think this chick is just trying to be come famous where she can get money oh the other hand she in trouble either way cause she can go to jail for rape or justin can sued her for every thing she got. i think this i all a lie just for publitcy.


Can't you people read over your comments before you submit them? You can't ALL be 12 and/or illiterate. Especially you Freidmeyer.


I do not think he the farther becuase now she wants huss money form the newspaper saying that she and she chose her ex bofriend before aND WENT AFTER HIM WITH A GUN A BROKE A WINDOW. I THINK SHE MAY GOOING TO JAIL IN WAY IN LAS VEGAS. YES BUT IN IOWA YOU HAVE TWO YEARS TO FILE A RAPE CLAM BY IOWA STATE LAW EVEN IF IT HAPPEN IN ANOTHER STATE. I KNOW THAT


I hope she realizes now she's screwed either way: If it is Justin's kid, she goes to jail for statutory rape, and if it's not, she'll be sued for everything she's got.


Ignore Her Justin! Sue Her Ass!


To be honest, I don't think he did anything with her just because he could get so many pretty, young, and great girls, like Selena Gomez and yet he would choose to be with her, why? Even if Justin is growing up and experiencing new things, I don't think raping is one of the new thing he's 'experiencing'. He's such a good kid and growing up so don't hate, please


i think you should get a dna because what u never no if it is yours or not she could be doing it for just the money

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