Justin Bieber and Mary J. Blige: Under the Mistletoe on The View!

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The most adorable media tour in America stopped by The View this morning.

Following appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Today Show, among other stops, Justin Bieber sat down with the ladies on this ABC gabfest. He then took to the stage and performed a version of "Mistletoe" with a very special guest: Mary J. Blige!

Have you purchased the artist's holiday album yet?!? If not, watch his latest rendition of this instant classic now and then hurry up and do so!

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Bieber u were looking soooo cute n sexyyyy :: n all bieber haters stay way from him ... Luv u justin ...:*


soo sexy lol nt realy bt u hav 2 admit hes hot...


@ Jasminee hun you should be looking for cuteness around your hood and not with cheap celebrities. Because you are worth more than the money you spend on JB albums. He doesn't even know you exist so stop wasting money on him and spend it on people that actually worry and care about you!!!


OMG i really likedd it that wass really nicee andd Justin Bieber wass looking really cute.... #TeamImmaBelieber (:

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