J.R. Martinez Dances Through Pain, Frustration

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J.R. Martinez and Ricki Lake have been swapping the first place spot all season on Dancing With the Stars. Last night, it was definitely the latter's turn on top.

While he's never one to complain (look at all he's been through in life), J.R. rolled his right ankle in rehearsal and then twisted it again during his routines.

The famous smile that lights up the dance floor was barely there Monday, replaced by grimaces of pain and looks of disappointment. His posture was off.

J.R. and Karina Smirnoff did manage to turn in a sexy Argentine tango to make up for a subpar Paso Doble, but it'll be up to fans to carry him through.

Can J.R. earn a spot in next week's DWTS finals after an off week that saw him finish a distant third? Watch his performances and see what you think ...

Who do you think will win Dancing With the Stars?


Although JR was in a lot of pain, he held his own. My heart was breaking for him. He looked sooooo sad. Hang in there JR, no matter what you are the best dancer on season 13 & one of the best that danced on DWTS ever. You are such a beautiful person inside & out. Team JR all the way.

Maryanne gaeta

Last night, i saw the expression on J.R.'s face, and i felt sooo bad for him....He looked soo disappointed.....He shouldn't worry, due to the fact that he is a sensational dancer, and very popular and should win this competition hands down.....

Maryanne gaeta

As far as i'm concerned Rob Kardashian will not win dwts....His name is trash now because of his family.....and even if his family were popular, he still would not win....He has come a long way, but in my opinion, still cannot hold a candle to J.R.


I watched DWTS this morning because of the football game last night! Now I am trying to cote and can't get to it! Don't know wats wrong!!
I want to vote for JR an d Karina!!


It should be between Ricki and JR. I personally hope it goes to JR. He really has a feeling for dance. So, it seems, does Ricki, but I'm still rooting for JR. I have nothing good to say about Rob. I'm so SICK of the Kardashian name. Poor Rob has to take the blame for the bratty K. girls. How spoiled can you be???!!! I think all the K's deserve a good swift kick in the ---. And of course we can't forget that their dad was a good friend to O.J. They had to get some of their morals from good old dad. They cheat and lie and I just don't care for them. There...I said it and I'm glad.


I have received
no news as to why we can't get thru to vote for JR.

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