Josie Duggar (Baby #19): Hospitalized Again!

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As Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar plan to welcome their 20th child next year, their recent trip to Israel brought more medical duress for their 19th, Josie-Brooklyn.

Next week's season finale episode of the soon-to-be-renamed 19 Kids and Counting shows Josie rushed to the hospital during the family vacation, in dire straits.

Jim Bob, Michelle Duggar, Family

She was “congested” says Jim Bob, as Josie cried in the hospital.

As the little girl struggles, the rest of the family must decide if they’re going to continue their trip around the country they traveled so far to visit as a group.

At the same time, there was no debate over whether having a 20th baby was a smart decision. She admits it's not for everyone, but Michelle never wavered.

The stress of their “littlest little,” who was born prematurely and has endured myriad health woes in the last year and a half, being sick hasn’t stopped the Arkansas family from expanding, as we know, given their impending arrival.

What do you think? Is 20 kids too much?


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P.S. (to my first letter) Mrs. Dugger please, your daughters should go to PROM instead of doing your DUTIES-- changing diapers, feeding,rocking babies, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. no wonder you have time making all those babies with jim bob, its because your daughters are doing all your work!


I see mrs. duggers oldest daughters holding the babies more than her. Shame! making the daughters mommies early -stealing their young lives away and making them take your duties. Shame on you Mrs.Dugger


Liza, I agree! It was very dumb to bring her there. I also think it is dumb to bring more children into the world after the health issues they both had. BUT I do believe that before these health issues occured, they had every right to have has many kids as they wanted! They can support these kids very well, and they teach them early in life the things they need to know when they become adults. I think they raise these children amazingly. Unlike kate plus 8, they actually support and bring these kids up the right way. By the way, when using the word "rediculous" so many times, spell it right please. It's ridiculous.


It doesn't matter how many kids they have if they support them all without public assistance or any other kind of handouts. The Duggers do that. But why in the world would they take a frail sickly baby on such a long strenuous trip to a foreign country? That's just unwise. Come on Duggers, nurture the littlest one at home for a few years.