Josie Duggar (Baby #19): Hospitalized Again!

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As Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar plan to welcome their 20th child next year, their recent trip to Israel brought more medical duress for their 19th, Josie-Brooklyn.

Next week's season finale episode of the soon-to-be-renamed 19 Kids and Counting shows Josie rushed to the hospital during the family vacation, in dire straits.

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She was “congested” says Jim Bob, as Josie cried in the hospital.

As the little girl struggles, the rest of the family must decide if they’re going to continue their trip around the country they traveled so far to visit as a group.

At the same time, there was no debate over whether having a 20th baby was a smart decision. She admits it's not for everyone, but Michelle never wavered.

The stress of their “littlest little,” who was born prematurely and has endured myriad health woes in the last year and a half, being sick hasn’t stopped the Arkansas family from expanding, as we know, given their impending arrival.

What do you think? Is 20 kids too much?


Its almost like you just can't read or something..I don't know how many times I have said this, and it will be the last time because this has become so pointless. I SAID OVER AND OVER AGAIN I AGREE THAT THEY WERE WRONG IN ALL SITUATIONS INVOLVING HER HEALTH. Your not going to change my mind on how I feel about this family, and i'm not going to change yours, so why is this even going on anymore?


You didn't way how you know so much about this family. Its seems that your information, like all of ours, is limited to what the Duggars want us to know. No Courtney, these girls have not had much in the way of choices. They have been nannies and housemaids from an early age, Michelle's choice to have babies considerably easier.
JB and Michelle's choices concerning Josie show an ongoing and appalling disregard for her needs that have placed Josie in danger more than once.
Your idea of being loving parents? Definitely not mine.


Like you said, no i dont agree with what they have done with joise and her health. They don't dump her on the older kids, I constantly see michelle holding her and taking care of her. The girls constantly say they love helping. They don't have to help if they don't want to, they don't have to dress,do things, and live like they do. They actually like it, doing things for others is what they are always saying is something they enjoy and it's a big part in their religon. They don't have to any of this, but they say they like to. You say that I only see what they show on tv, exactly, so you don't know what they do outside of the show, but in the show they are a very loving, helpful, and amazing family..minus the dumb health choices and having another baby..


Courtney, You know for a fact the kids are Do you live in this household? You know for certain these older daughters have always loved being nannies and household maids? Like all of us you only see what you they want you to see. So you agree with me then that the Duggars totally disregarded Josie's well being by taking her on an international tour? How about them leaving her with a sibling barely out of her teens while they both went to El Salvador? Josie developed a high fever and prolonged seizure. Maybe someone should tell these folks that Josie is a high risk toddler who is in need of constant vigilance by her parents. Sure didn't take long for them to dump Josie on an older sibling, did it?


Obviously you didnt read my comment from before where it clearly said i thought it was completely wrong she was taking there, but you must not watch it good enough. She is always holding her children, teaching them, rocking the babies to sleep, doing things with them, spending time with them. Im not gonna argue about a damn show when everything your sayin is the complete opposite. If you dont like what they do or how they live, get over it. It aint your life to worry about. The kids dont mind it one bit and are very happy kids, and that is all that matters, and there health, but like i said before i do not agree with what they did to joise.end of disscusion.


Courtney, Please tell me about the "concern" for Josie in leaving her with a sibling barely out of her teens while JB and Michelle go to El Salvador. Josie seizured and was hospitalized.
Tell me about "concern" when it comes to taking a high risk toddler across the world and exposing her to possible infection and the risk of inadequate medical care.
Tell me about "concern" when Michelle is fantasizing about another pregnancy while standing over the incubator of her critically ill newborn.
I have followed this show and have yet to see Michelle holding her children, rocking, or cuddling them.
Take off the rose colored glasses Courtney.


It's funny how everything you say you have never heard or seen her do, she does or has done all the time! they always talked about joise and her concern. She is always holding her kids, doing stuff with them, and teaching them. You don't get to see what happens every single day. Theres no point in bringing this any further because you either one, don't watch the show every time theres a new episode, or two, watch it, but just don't pay attention. Its got to be one of those because your comment was waaaaaaay off!


She does take care of her kids. They are always going to do activites together as a family and doing special birthday things, but they show no love? The older girls are constantly saying that they enjoy and they choose to help out with the kids. They aren't forced to do it. They are all helpful and loving people. The kids, older and younger, are learning things that they will need in life. It's great! Parents hardly teach that anymore, parents hardly even talk to their kids anymore. This family is a very close, loving, and supportive family. I think it's crazy to say that what they are doing is wrong. The only thing they did wrong was take joise to forgien country and to have another kid after the complications with joise. Otherwise they are raising and teaching this family amazingly! Besides, it's their life. You don't have to like it, but it's not your life.


If Michelle and Jim Bob took complete care of their children, it would be different. As early as possible, they passs them off to an older child to raise. Doing choirs are one thing, but these children do all the laundry, cooking, cleaning, and take care of the younger kids. Michelle does nothing but kiss JimBob and get pregnant. The older kids even discipline the younger ones. Michelle and JimBob do not know how to be parents. Plus some of the kids are becomming just like them. No compassion or love. Just meeting needs.


Those older girls are from 16 and pregnant. They are well mannered, and do not dress like sluts. Atleast 3 or 4 of the older girls are older than 18. They all home school, and are a very close family. Can you say that about your own family? Plus, Jim Bob takes care of all of their children, medical care, and anything else that they need. They aren`t living off of wellfare. They have worked hard for what they have. The older boys have their own companies, and make their own money. Having a lot of kids or more than one or two without the use of welfare, and those kids are happy then who are you to judge? You might not agree with how they live their life as a very conservative southern Baptists family . But they always have smiles on their faces, and their parents give them one on one time, if you ever watch the show. Maybe not as much time as a one or two kid family, but they have lots of love there. They also care about other people in other countries, and give back a lot too.


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