Josh Krajcik Opens "Jar of Hearts" on The X Factor

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The battle is on between the top men on The X Factor.

While Chris Rene received strong praise from the judges last night, his performance was filled with fire and dancing and the kind of energy that Josh Krajcik simply does not bringing to the talented table.

Instead, this famous burrito slinger simply stands in one spot and belts out one winning note after another. The result, following a cover of "Jar of Hearts?" Tears from Nicole Scherzinger and just one word from Simon Cowell: Incredible.

Watch for yourself:

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he is the best! he deserves to win not all glitz and glamour he doesnt need backup singers just him alone on the stage...cant wait til his first cd comes out!


We can't forget Melanie, hopefully she will be in the final two with Josh.


I absolutely LOVE him. He has such a soulful, mesmerizing, quality to his voice. I would definitely buy his CD, in a second. He is my winner:)))


Josh you are already a winner now take it home.


Some people hear songs in their souls, and are able to touch others. Who cares if Josh doesnt appeal to the young ones.. What do they know.....Yet??


I hope he does not win, why? Because he will be their little bitch. If he comes in 4th or 5th, he will have a better chance at a career without being tied up. He is my favorite and I want him to have a LIFE from now on!


i like him a lot & i think he'd do really well at selling records if he sang the right songs. he needs to be given a more rock sounding song to show off what he can do, i dont think he'll win the whoe thing but he'll definitely be the top 5 ^_^


I am totally in love with Josh and his voice. Please marry me Josh, after you have won X Factor of course. I'm sure you will love New Zealand. I have "The first Time I ever Saw your Face" on repeat and I play it about 20 times a day. Your voice is just superb. The richness of it makes me want to cry. YOU WILL WIN.


He has a great voice, not sure if it will sell well with todays teenagers and young adults though


You havn't seen him play guitar or piano yet either. Josh was right when he said his life was about to change back at the cuts episode... Good for him.