Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: Pregnant With Baby #20!

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Make that 20 Kids and Counting. Michelle Duggar's fight for survival during her last pregnancy apparently wasn't about to stop her from getting back on the horse.

She and her husband, Jim Bob Duggar, are expecting their 20th child this spring.

"We are so excited," the 45-year-old mom and star of TLC's soon-to-be renamed 19 Kids and Counting said. "I feel good. I am past the sickness stage now."

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Michelle added that there's "no greater love" than that of her children and that she has thought about her health status and is ready to have the new baby.

Jim Bob was "thankful" that yet another addition to the family is on the way. "I feel like the richest man in the world," he said to his brood.

The couple, who live in Tontitown, Ark., are already parents to Joshua, 23, twins Jana and John-David, 21; Jill, 20; Jessa, 19; Jinger, 17; Joseph, 16; Josiah, 15; Joy-Anna, 14; twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah, 12; Jason, 11; James, 10; Justin, 8; Jackson, 7; Johanna, 6; Jennifer, 4; and Jordyn, 3; and Josie, who turns 2 next month.

You don't see this every day: Baby #20 will be younger than his/her niece and nephew. Josh and Anna Duggar have two kids of their own.

The Duggars having 20 kids: Is that too many?


The vagina is not a clown car. These people have lost their minds. Even crack heads stop at ten.


I hope she stays healthy and the baby is a good birth weight with developed lungs and no anomalies. THis is be my wish for any unborn child.


A, they began construction on their 7000 square foot house 2 years before they even had a television series. Stop being an idiot. They made tons of money in real estate way before the show, they attribute that to their faith in their God, and that is why they do the show, to promote their religion. I would rather be with their religion than with the pieces of shit that criticize them without even looking at the facts first.


And who will put me in my place, you?? lol So tell me where they lived before the show, a small house where everyone lived in like 3 rooms and they were struggling. Then magically after the show they had enough money to build a bigger house and afford nicer things and family trips, of course their business is doing better now because of the publicity, their is absolutely no reason to have a tv show unless you either want fame or money, end of story. So there is no need for me to tolerate your BS anymore because YOU are the ignorant one. And let me tell you, the fact that your actually arguing with me says that your as dumb as "I" supposidly am. lol :)


Mary, it is so funny that you say they are taking good care of their kids, yet a kid that doesn't date, have premarital sex, get drunk, or whatever the fuck you think they're missing out on, is somehow bad parenting on the part of the Duggars. These kids ARE having fun, and without premarital sex, unplanned pregnancies, STDs, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. You'd get that if you actually knew what you were talking about.


A, you said the Duggars are dependant on TLC for their money, when they have been earning their own money through real estate for 15 years, plus the car dealerships they had before that. What you say is the same retread ignorance all the Duggar haters say and it IS ignorance, not opinion! Deal with it! There's no need for people to be tolerating your bullshit anymore. If you're going to talk bullshit smack and make up shit about people you will get put in your place, end of story.


They're just stating their opinions, and for you to get all hyped up over a stupid television show says alot about you. So what does one accomplish with such hateful and degrading words, absolutely nothing. I have said nothing of ignorance for you to assume I'm an idiot, yet you think you know me from simply stating an opinion. It seems to me that only ignorant people feel the need to attack others and use derogatory terms to make themselves feel better...


I have seen the show while I think they are raising nice kids. I think they are having way too many. how can anybody go through that many pregnancies. I also think that Michelle and Jim Bob are giving their kids the wrong message by going out on a date and having a chaperon, having the older kids raising the younger ones, and not letting be kids and making their own choices and letting them being kids. The older ones I think need to go out have some fun while they can. I do give Michelle and Jim credit for taking care of their children though.


Honestly, since when was it our business? 1. They are not having babies for publicity, Jesus Christ... They love children and they want to raise god's gift to them. 2. They are just any normal family, like any of us. They have to pay for themselves and don't get help from any kind of government. 3. The other children are not raising them on their own!!!! You act like siblings today don't babysit one another... Would you rather the duggars have a nanny that doesn't actually care for the children? 4. Get out of their fucking business... It's their fucking business. Everyone in hat family is happier, and probably better people, than us. So shut the fuck up.


Channel your judgement on people that have kids and abuse/ neglect or live off tax payers money. These people are looking after there children, good for them :-)

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And so be available, and not just available, but be joyfully available for him. Smile and be willing to say, 'Yes, sweetie I am here for you,' NO MATTER WHAT, even though you may be exhausted and big and pregnant and you may not feel like he feels. 'I'm still here for you and I'm going to meet that need because I know it's a need for you.' - Michelle

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