Jennifer Hudson Explains: David Otunga Saved My Life

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Jennifer Hudson has kept mostly quiet about the tragic shootings that took the lives of her mother, nephew and her brother in 2008.

But the singer reveals a fascinating nugget in the latest issue of Ebony: she was very close being in the same house as them when the incident took place.

Jennifer Hudson Ebony Cover

Turns out, fiance David Otunga called Hudson to come down and spend time with him in Florida prior to the day in question.

"I flew out to see him; that's why I'm still here," Jennifer says. "I've never said that before, and I can't believe I just said that now. But I didn't know. He was just like, 'I'm going to this wrestling thing, and it's in Tampa. I'm going out there now, so you can come out there and see me versus going home.'"

Otunga is the father of Hudson's two-year old son. Regarding the deaths of her relatives, this Oscar winner says the entire event remains a "surreal blur." That's certainly understandable.


Where do some of you people come from. Why are people so cruel and quick to judge is such mean spirited, nasty, and in the uglyest ways. Jennifer Hudson knows Jesus is her truth, light, and way. She just stated how the events played out on her end. She knows how good God is and that he is still amazing. I mean after all, it was her family murdered. Thank God he had David Otunga in place to keep Jennifer safe and out of harms way. Jennifer Hudson knows Jesus on a personal level. However, do you people knows him.


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i lik ua music hadson while david fantastic


Omg she should b thanking god and not him 4 her not being DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, if he don't put a ring on it soon baby...I gonna snatch me a baby momma. You are beautiful and talented. Be strong sister. Watch out for those racists pigs around you baby girl.


The fiancee would be at the top of my list as to the shootings. Sorry, but a little coincidental don't you think?


This is so ridiculous...I feel for her loss but she made a decision and that is why she was not killed not because of her whatever to get a magazine cover that you would not have if you were still overweight!

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