Jennifer Ella-Chaz Bono Engagement to Air on Reality Show Premiere

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Former Dancing with the Stars contender Chaz Bono isn't fading from the reality TV sunset just yet. He's starring on his own show premiering tomorrow night!

That's right, Cher's son is letting the cameras in on his life again for Oprah Winfrey's OWN series Being Chaz. The big event scheduled to air on the premiere?

His proposal to longtime girlfriend (and now fiancee) Jennifer Elia!

Jennifer Ella, Chaz Bono

According to People, Chaz proposes in a "special" way by not overtly popping the question, but rather prefacing the big moment as a "birthday present."

Jennifer Ella's reaction to the ring is almost speechless: "Wow. It's gorgeous. Thank you so much, it's stunning. It's huge!" Followed by "heavy sh!t man!"


The series, which premieres Sunday, follows the Emmy-nominated Becoming Chaz, the documentary detailing Chaz's transition from woman to man.

The reality show will feature everything from the proposal, to Chaz Bono's preparation for Dancing with the Stars, and more. Are you excited to see it?


I can't think of a more touching , romantic response to a proposal than "heavy shit, man!" Excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes.


Do we have to stand all that? This fat lady with facial hair impersonating a man? Where's the d*i*c*k, man?




"He" has to make money some way! I think this is gross exhibitionism, not fighting for a cause.


"heavy sh!t man!" --- Gosh, that's got to be true & deep love. Sounds like Jennifer is playing a part & not doing it very well either. Hopefully these two will NOT marry & spare us all the 'melodrama' of the divorce. Too bad Chaz can't just enjoy life & needs to seek out the spotlight through another idiotic 'reality' show.

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