Is Kris Humphries Okay?!?

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We've heard plenty from Kim Kardashian's side - this reality star just needs a break, people must stop judging her just because she made a mockery of marriage - but what about Kris Humphries?

How is this bruising power forward doing since the Divorce Announcement Heard 'Round the World?

What Happened?!?

"He's getting through it day by day," a source tells People. "It's a tough situation."

Sure, absolutely. It must help, though, that insiders say Kris and Kim split 30% of the revenue made off every single commercial that aired for their wedding special. Humphries especially needs that extra five or 10 million, considering he's locked out from his NBA job these days.

"It's not an easy position for anyone," this friend says of the backlash Kris has received. "He's a gentleman and wants to make things right – the ring and any gift he gave her was out of love and he doesn't expect them back."


Kris H. wants to make it work with Kim. Kris H. can make it work for himself by meetng with Diane Sawyer for the first time in public on the day of "their" (not) first wedding anniversary. America loves Kris H! Here's to the quiet man!


I feel sorry for Kris he went into this marriage wanting babies and a good life with Kim.. she even agreed with all this..Kim seems very immature and controlling.. I see this in her mother, Kris.. look how she controls Bruce.. I cant stand to watch the show.. It really sets me off to see a man back down from her like that. .If Kris didnt want to appear with Kim on her show then she should of respected his decision, and not filed a divorce. He has a say so with what he wants. this marriage isnt just one sided..very childish behavior. Kim needs to move away from her family and give herself sometimes to be with her husband and not run and tell the family every little thing.. this can stir up lots of marital problems.


Cucu Nov 4 2011. 11:07pm. You are so right. It was totally cringe worthy the way Kris Jenner "forgot" to organize cars for KH's family. Her apology was so insincere, I could have slapped her. She is such a control freak and as for Khloe, she is glad to see Kim fail in marriage, it makes her look good ( according to her ) It is obvious they were all afraid that they would lose control of the goose that lays the golden eggs. Kris H is such a nice, decent guy and would have been a fabulous supportive husband to Kim. THAT IS WHAT KRIS, KHLOE AND KOURTNEY WERE AFRAID OF. Kim you need to see how your family feed off you - Bruce lost his balls the day he married Kris.


Kim's brother called it on the show when he called Kim a "whore". When your own family knows it, its probably true. I would be ashamed to be perceived that way by anyone, especially a family member. Kim you suck. You have no respect for yourself, your body nor the sanctity of marriage. Dig a hole and jump in.


I hate the whole KARDASHIAN ANTI-CHRIST show, I am not ashame to say I hate Kris Jenner,Khloe & Kim Kardashian, they are all loosers, stinking nymphoooos! go to hell and remain there, for Kris Humphries, lick your wounds and get back to work and get urself the home girl U trully deserve and forget the Kardashian whore.


I think it's a shame how hateful and mean people can be..It really says something about the character of people...Just reading these hateful insults..Kim Kardashian could have adopted a starvin child from some third world country and these negative souls would find something ugly to say..It's sickening reading all of this hate....The tone is so hateful it reminds you of a time when people hated others for no reason than that they were different...that same energy is now being directed towards people they don't know..just because...It's really sad...Ignore the hate Kim...Live how you's your life! These same haters will be posting hate towards the next headline story soon.....


He's better off..... who would want a sleazy money grubbing, Big Black schlong slurping ho..... How could you be married to someone who only became famous after she allowed herself to be filmed slurping and bending over for a mandinko? LOL... just what I'd like MY friends to be able to google about my wife... geez.. He deserves it really to even think this could ever work.....what a complete moron. imagine the ribbing he would get from all his "bro" teammates...?? Well they both would trade their souls for cold hard cash..... no thanks!! rather work for less money....


I dont feel bad for Kris Humphries at all.I didnt like him at first because he was questioning everyone elses marriage and asking kloe if she married lamar cause e was a laker.Also he didnt want to tape the realationship at first but when the NBA LOCKOUT hit he wanted to tape with the show.He is very sarcastic that is my opinon.


Does it really surprise anyone...really? Did anyone see the elderly couple on TV today? They were married and together for 72 years (not 72 days!) Every morning they went out together for breakfast and within the last few days they were out, as usual, and slammed by another vehicle at an intersection. They died just an hour or so apart holding hands next to each other in the hospital. I wonder if 72 years from now any of these egotistical, self-centered reality stars who have no talent whatsoever will have lived through a "real" marriage. Don't hold your breath. The money they earn is a disgrace but with their brainless fans looking up to them, they'll keep rolling along. I give up!


hi kris ian sorry one day you we have a nice person in you life

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