Is Kris Humphries Okay?!?

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We've heard plenty from Kim Kardashian's side - this reality star just needs a break, people must stop judging her just because she made a mockery of marriage - but what about Kris Humphries?

How is this bruising power forward doing since the Divorce Announcement Heard 'Round the World?

What Happened?!?

"He's getting through it day by day," a source tells People. "It's a tough situation."

Sure, absolutely. It must help, though, that insiders say Kris and Kim split 30% of the revenue made off every single commercial that aired for their wedding special. Humphries especially needs that extra five or 10 million, considering he's locked out from his NBA job these days.

"It's not an easy position for anyone," this friend says of the backlash Kris has received. "He's a gentleman and wants to make things right – the ring and any gift he gave her was out of love and he doesn't expect them back."


ppl god says for better or for worse how can you work something out like marriage in just 72 days thats why over 60% of marriages fail these days and nobody seems to want to work anything out if you can put the time into a relationship then you can put that same time into a marriage. Their are couples that have been married for over 50 and 60 years. You want advise you should find these couples that put nothing but time into their marriage to sit down and talk to you about what marriage really is about. Has anyone ever hear of marriage conseling. I feel like if they really wanted this marriage they would have tried that first. If they can spend 15 mill. on a wedding to get married they can spend whats neccessery to keep it afloat.


Hey, Kim remember the recipe for a sucessful marriage you should have committed it to memory you know the way you committ percentages to memory maybe you and Kris would have had a chance


One more thought; Rob is a totally different entity then his whole family. He called it as it is that Kim is a whore in fact all three of those girls are whores and Kloe is so huge and ugly. Glad he is a genuine, good looking, and real wholesome guy who truly cares less about some dumb reality TV show. He needs to divorce his whole family and move on. It nice not to see the Jenner boys on TV they obviously have more class. Or, maybe Kris Jenner does not want to share the proceeds. Hang in there Rob on DWTS. You are a pleasure to watch. I hope God Blesses you and you are healthy and happy in the future.


These people r haters, they would love to have what u n your family have and if they were in ur position they would do the same thing i am happy u realize it now n took controll of the situation smart move thanks to khloe took control of that prenup


Kim K. heads up we love u. Kris k just wanted fame i was upset u were marrying that looser, keep ur head up people will talk only for 9days love ur show


I thought Kloe was bad when she said "I give Kim/Kris 6 months! Then it was obvious she knew this was all a publicity stunt. Remember Reggie supposedly tweeted Kim not to make any rush judgment on getting married. So of course I knew then it wouldn't last either since this is one big game. Since Kim is probably pregnant the KKK clan will want us all to feel sorry for her. What an absolute joke this whole family is. Kris Jenner should be ashamed that she is that much in love with money to pimp her whole family especially the younger girls. Disgusting. In fact this is the first correct judgment call Obama has made when he said he did not want his daughters watching their reality show. I guess he does have some family values afterall.


Kris needs a Catscan and a job. Is it possible he can be that stupid. I'm guessing it was the Stinch on the Wedding night- that drove him away.


It is wonderful to read that many others admired Kris Humphries!! I think Chris H. is a wonderful person -- too good for Kim K. I do like Bruce Jenner. I used to like Scott D.. until I saw him exposing himself and asking girls if they wanted to have sex with him. I have no respect for the Kardashian women. I think Kim K. was realizing that Kris H. was quickly becoming more popular than she and the other females in the Kardashian clan.


Kris H. You are so much more the better man for getting out of this marriage than Bruce Jenner. He's either so whipped and afraid of Kris that he can't think straight or just as crooked as the rest of them, he just "dips" out when she gets crazy. You will find the right girl (just don't date/marry any hollywood stars, etc..) you're so much better off with everyday women, who know what love and family values really are. Keep your head up and smile..we all love you.


Kris, believe me, your much better off without that "Krazy K Klan". Anyone who disses you and your family deserve to have front row seats in hell. All these women think about is themselves, and how they can manipulate everyone they know & their fans (if any are left after this wreck). Khloe is probably worried that Lemar may have to go on unemployment comp. to support her and her unkind personality. Find yourself a "real" women who will love you and your family for what you are, rather than what you have ($$).

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