Is Kris Humphries Okay?!?

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We've heard plenty from Kim Kardashian's side - this reality star just needs a break, people must stop judging her just because she made a mockery of marriage - but what about Kris Humphries?

How is this bruising power forward doing since the Divorce Announcement Heard 'Round the World?

What Happened?!?

"He's getting through it day by day," a source tells People. "It's a tough situation."

Sure, absolutely. It must help, though, that insiders say Kris and Kim split 30% of the revenue made off every single commercial that aired for their wedding special. Humphries especially needs that extra five or 10 million, considering he's locked out from his NBA job these days.

"It's not an easy position for anyone," this friend says of the backlash Kris has received. "He's a gentleman and wants to make things right – the ring and any gift he gave her was out of love and he doesn't expect them back."


i think what bothers me the most about all this is knowling that khloe blasted kris about WHY he was with her sister. When all along it was KIM who was just using this guy to make herself more money. Shame on you!!


Kris,i bleme you all the can you get married to a sucker like kim,i think you should have known better and choose a real woman than the material woman you got married to.,Go ahead with your life,there are many fishes in the river who are more willing to show you love than what that animal did to you,her whole family is like that,which i was your friend to give you an advice before you get married to an house wife who love to suck banana>>>>>>>it a shame


I think it is a sad situation that vows can be broken so easily in 72 days, the only time I noticed kim excited was when he asked her to marry him and she didn't say yes loudly until she saw the ring, a material item, kim needs to get back to the basics, I thought kris would of been that kind of man to bring her more to being more down to earth, but she never gave it a chance, this young man will find a wonderful women in the end, someone who will love him no matter what, you'll be fine in the end and feel blessed to get away from such a self centered person.


She is to older for you kris, remember this is her second failed marriage she is a material girl, and your are a good man, her only priority in life is fame and her family, thanks God you are out her life. I know you really loved her and is hard to let go but have faith in God an your are going to find a real and genuine women for you and somebody that appreciate more at your family. God bless you.


dont take this on to much she is trash,,,,,,,u can do much better but i must mention this is wat u get for marrying someone who get famous for sucking raj j p***k.... btw wat were u expecting from her she is fake,vain an pumpers stuck up bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhh.move on hunni it will be the best thing 4 you


Kris..they are Kar"trash"ians, the wedding was about them and for them you were just as you said the one that got lured into the wedding she's been planning forever...LOL! Think of it as a Blessing...she's classless..think of how they treated your family, no car...oops they tickets...they fly first class or private were just a pawn for her Fairytale wedding event and the NY show and now that's over and so are you! She had no intentions of making of life with you! Amen you are blessed. You will find someone who will Love and Respect you and it will be till death do you part...she didin't even know how to have class in a Boys and Girl's Club...but she Loved your Grandma's recipe...yeah right...all she loves Honey is money! You will find a Women who will Love you and your Family unconditionally!


Kris H< i think be positive ...all is not lost! Get your life back into shape and get going, there's no turning move on Kris.


Remember how your dad felt when your mom married Bruce how much it hurt give your marriage a second Chance




Carmon: I like your comment. I do think you have hit upon something, that Kris H was getting to be more interesting to see andhear on the reality show than the three girls. I even enjoed Rob and Bruce ( Bruce has got some realy values and great humor). I have read all the new about what Kim has said, and one thing that sticks out in my mind is that she has told her fan base she was sorry, she told her guest she was sorry and she told her family she was sorry- WAKE UP- WHAT ABOUT THE MAN YOU MARRIED- KIM- doesn't he get the I AM SORRY FROM YOU? Show your manners- you and your family talk about them and how you do not go around hurting people and taking advantage- looks like someone slipped on a banana peel!

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