How Much Did Breaking Dawn Make This Weekend?

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Breaking Dawn didn't break any box office records this weekend, but it didn't fare too poorly, either.

The fourth installment in The Twilight Saga is estimated to have earned $139.5 million on Friday and Saturday, the fifth most lucrative opening weekend in Hollywood history. New Moon actually bested this edition by $4 million on 2004.

But Breaking Dawn did set a new Twilight mark in global earnings, taking home $283.5 million around the world over the last couple days. Did you see it? What did you think Breaking Dawn?


Below, we've posted the complete top 10 box office results from the weekend.

  1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1, $139.5 million
  2. Happy Feet Two, $22 million
  3. Immortals, $12.3 million
  4. Jack and Jill, $12 million
  5. Puss in Boots, $10.7 million
  6. Tower Heist, $7 million
  7. J. Edgar, $5.9 million
  8. A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, $2.9 million
  9. In Time, $1.7 million
  10. The Descendants, $1.2 million
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I love all the films but I haven't seen breaking dawn but watching the trailer it looks amazing


Loved this movie - these actors are amazing. Stephanie Meyers needs
to start writing again and continue the story of Jacob and Renessme.
Am going to see this again and again.


I havent seen breaking dawn yet but it looks good in the trailer


the movie is awesum, cnt w8t for part 2.But i do hope that nxt tym jacob`s charecter will be mo fun and not angry all the tym, but anyway the movie is gr8t and m gng 2 c it again




Omg this movie was awesome, I've seen it 3 times already, love everything about it. I just wish they would had more details like in the book. And it's to bad we have to wait a whole year for the second one.


GREAT movie! loved it, loved the book and loved the film! couldn't ask for it better!! can't wait for part 2:D anyone who says its bad well thats your loss (Y) :)


I loved the movie but did think especially the scene's prior to the wedding SUCKED! The acting and lines where cheezy, not enough dialogue, the book had so much more then dream sequences and flashback scenes, then they skipped some of the best parts! Like the "before" car, Bella talking on phone with her mom, Edward cooking, Edward eating cake, more activities and dialogue on the island, and the dog food bowl with Rose. The movie felt disjointed up to the wedding and didn't flow well at all. It could have had explored the relationships better between the wolves and vamps like the book. I would have trashed all those lame scenes not from the book like Renee singing at the wedding and the "Hair" joke. If you show up 20 minutes late to this movie your not missing anything at all. I think ppl who didn't read the book will feel really lost until the wedding.


Ive recently seen part 1 of breaking dawn it was wonderful, and im going again what a love for a movie.


They had to split the fourth book into two parts. In a way I think it's kind of great, it's continuing the saga that we all love so much. I would have Rather they keep the book in one movie too. But there's no possible way they could have shoved everything in that huge book into one movie. I'm sure with them already being finished with the second one, that they'll release it sooner than November of 2012. Which will be awesome!!!!! :) I was so happy about this movie, they really did do a great job. Could have been a little longer though!!