Hope Solo on Dancing With the Stars: The End of the Road?

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Hope Solo is a tough-as-nails competitor. That much is obvious.

Sadly, that alone isn't likely to carry her to the Mirror Ball trophy.

Monday night on Dancing With the Stars, we learned she has shoulder pain from a tear she suffered at some point, and needed a huge shot just to get on the floor.

J.R. Martinez also battled through an injury last night, but Hope's grit failed to impress the judges, who remarked that she's "lost finesse" and needed "artistry."

Later, her fierce Argentine tango was much stronger, but in the cha-cha relay, a last place finish and total of just four points put another dent in Hope's hopes.

Any chance Hope survives tonight's results show? You tell us:

Who will win Dancing With the Stars?


The system is rigged. The judges gave Rob a higher score than he deserved and Hope lower than she deserved. They didn't give Rob a high score because he deserved it but because the wanted hope off the show. The will give him low scores next week because they don't want him to win. This show and judges are so dishonest I can't stand it and the fans so ignorant. I watched because of Hope who is a great sports figure and strong woman and good role model for young women who want to be in charge of their lives and won't take BS.


Hope obviously has never seen DWTS in prior seasons. She was invited by Maks and encouraged to do the show by her teammates. She might have understood that criticism is part of what the judges dish out. She is taking the comments perosnally.
Maks was trying to capitallize on her athleticism but made the routines too difficut since week one. She has a difficult time learning the steps and has never perfected the basic forms.
Rob's teacher did him a favor by making simple routines that he perfects each week,therefor making the judges happy. I just watched Rob's dances again, and they are still really simple but well performed. Hope's childhood was very sad. Much more challenging then being a rich lawyers kid with sisters. Her past has molded her attitude toward her achievments.


Hope Solo should have left a while ago... Regardless of how much excellent tutelage she's received from Max, She is not at all graceful, and now she has shown herself to be a spoiled little brat. I think they turned out to be bad for each other, in that they've spent all these weeks feeding off one another's poor attitudes. No one's been unfair to either of them, the judges have simply been honest and professional, unlike Hope and Max.


It is obvious that the judges are biased against Hope Solo and Max. I think that they are taking revenge on Max because he is the only dancer to stand up to them.

Maryanne gaeta

LI_Mom said it all and exactly in that order. Hope Solo will definitely leave tonite.....I'm suprised she lasted as long as she did....I think the reason she stayed on so long was because of Maks, and his fan base...... it's bye-bye tonite for Solo.... she has been dragged along on the dance floor by Maks for too long now, and she has a bad attitude......Get rid of her NOW>>>>>>>>>>


I agree that the judges were a bit harsh this season- and they need t dial it down. However, Hope just had that sour grapes attitude and it got her nowhere. I don't think it came off well to anyone, and it made her look like a spoiled child. Although she might have been scored too low last night- she was still the worst. Go back to soccer, Hope.


Especially this season all 3 judges were an embarrassment for the show!!! And most disturbing is the fact that they subestimate the intelligence of the viewers... Saying that, it is pretty obvious that they overscored Rob and underscored Hope SO MUCH just to make sure that Hope & Maks's fanbases will not have a chance in the voting! I do hope I am wrong and the viwers with their voting will show the judges a BIG FINGER, ONCE AGAIN this season!


1) J.R.
2) Ricki
3) Rob Hope isn't in the same class as the first two & hasn't improved as much as Rob has either.

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