Hope Solo on Dancing With the Stars: The End of the Road?

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Hope Solo is a tough-as-nails competitor. That much is obvious.

Sadly, that alone isn't likely to carry her to the Mirror Ball trophy.

Monday night on Dancing With the Stars, we learned she has shoulder pain from a tear she suffered at some point, and needed a huge shot just to get on the floor.

J.R. Martinez also battled through an injury last night, but Hope's grit failed to impress the judges, who remarked that she's "lost finesse" and needed "artistry."

Later, her fierce Argentine tango was much stronger, but in the cha-cha relay, a last place finish and total of just four points put another dent in Hope's hopes.

Any chance Hope survives tonight's results show? You tell us:

Who will win Dancing With the Stars?


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MEOW!! some jealousy there with those comments?? Max may have pride in his accomplishment as a dancer--teacher as well as a choreographer, but he is great so, I am glad he spoke up about CarryAnn's verbal abuse, she is a real piece of work, and Bruno LOL is all I have to say about him, Len is just a tired old man.


Hope Solo is a sore loser and cannot take criticism. Her rude and disrespectful behavior is shocking. She was not treated unfairly by the judges. Someone needs to take Ms. Solo down a notch. She is so self absorbed and smug. She is repulsive. I cannot believe she is representing the USA on the Olympic soccer team. What a disgrace!!!


Hope Solo is an experienced athlete. She treated the judges like the opposing team. She should have viewed them as coaches and used their criticisms to improve her technique. If you review past seasons you'll see that the winners are the dancers who use the judges' criticism to take their performance to the next level.


ABC has lost me as a viewer. Max's & Hope were treated unfair - come on Carrie Ann,for her sarcastic remark for Max's smiling,yes you do smile when you finish a dance. Shame for not having them on Jimmy Kimmel for the burning of the shoes or for not having them on Good Morning America, what were you afraid of?


I am one of those people who will not be watching DWTS if Maksim leaves or is asked not to come back. Tell me how it's alright for the judges to name call and pick favorites.?.?.? Maks may have been a little abrasive towards the judges but to me they had it coming. Maybe Len should retire from our DWTS show and stick to the one he judges in England. Carrie Ann is a evil shrew and a b**** who has been on Maks' case for a few seasons now. She acts like she has a broom stick handle stuck up her a** just like Rob Kardashian appears to when he dances. No he can't dance. Where do I start when it comes to Bruno? He's just plain over the top with his comments and antics which have become annoying to watch. I'd rather watch paint dry. DWTS needs a overhaul and revamping to keep the fans that say they will not be back. I myself will not be back if one of the best choreographers and dancers that DWTS has does not return, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.


Glad when Hope and Maks get voted off.....Both of them have bad attitudes.... Times I wouldnot watch because the both of them were on there. Disrespect to theJudges... Now, I can finish watching DWTS,I also believe this is why???? the ratings are down due to the two of them...Everyone has a past experience that does not give a person the right to be so sarcastic and rude.... It's ashame someone like Hope will represent the USA. AndHope why did you ot give your moher credit for raising you?????? At least she was there????Your Dad made his choice to cop out....


The judges, especially bozo Kerryann do not like anyone Maks dances with. Hope did very well and her dancing last night was far superior to idiot Rob or JR. Hope was expected to make moves that none of the other dancers could. Kerryann has to GO!!! She is soo biased. If she could dance herself it would be different. Time for Maks to get a nice slim partner that will complement him. I like Derek but he is ALWAYS given an advantage with his partners. ABC has to start thinking of its views not their ratings.


I think that it was very obvious that not only did the judges blackball Hope and Maks, but also ABC. I waited to watch them on Jimmy Kimmel Live to see the shoe burning ritual and guess what, weren't on there either! Instead, Ricki, JR and Rob were there. Not one word was mentioned about Hope. Also, the loser is supposed to be on GMA the next day, and Ricki mentioned on JKL that the three of them will be on the morning after! Hope stood for the USA in soccer and I can't believe all the disrespect for her. Shame on all of you disrespectful people.


I think Hope was treated badly and I'm not sure if I will be watching next season. They are so biased especially to Maks - I guess because he stands up to the judges and doesn't take any crap from them. I am so sick of JR and Rob's comments - they think they are the best in everything they do - WRONG. Rob is so stupid and lazy he can't even get a job WITHOUT HIS MOMMY. I have NO RESPECT for that whole family and I hope their show gets cancelled. GOD LUCK AT THE OLYMPICS HOPE - I KNOW YOU WILL DO GOOD. A FAN FOREVER.


I don't believe I am watching the same show as some of you. From the beginning Hope and Maks seemed to tik off the judges. But go back and watch the earlier shows. Starting out Hope, Chas, Rob, Nancy and Carson, all stunk. Some got positive comments, not Hope. She knew she couldn't dance but gave it her all, every night. Then got told she sucked while Rob and Chas among others were given better comments and scores without markedly better performances. I think she will go home tonight because she is the weaker dancer, but I don't think the judges were totally fair. And as for the judges, has anyone ever seen them dance? Ballroom, like they are judging, not flygirl stuff like Carrie Ann is known for.