Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Sore Dancing With the Stars Losers?

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Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy made it all the way to the semifinals before being eliminated on Tuesday evening's Dancing With the Stars results show.

But instead of going out on a high note, did the soccer star and her mercurial pro partner demonstrate the bad attitude they've been accused of in the past?

Certainly not in the immediate aftermath of their elimination, when they were gracious to one another and to their fans before their last dance of the season:

In the last nine weeks, the pair weren't the first or only couple to be criticized by the judges, but they were the ones who made it into a controversial issue.

Starting with Chmerkovskiy lashing out at Len Goodman, the couple's combative ways - with each other and the judges - was a continual thing all season.

In a video recap of Monday's performances, Solo complained about her scores: "Sevens? The same thing I got in week one. Kiss my booty," she said.

"The scores at this point, the judges at this point mean nothing."

The pair were also overheard swearing about the judges as they awaited their second set of scores during Monday's performances: "F--- 'em," they said.

Hope then reportedly refused all interviews after the program.

What do you think? Did their attitude and competitive ways actually hurt them this season, with the judges and with fans? And are you sad they're gone?


Maks is right. The judges are rude and condescending. Comments such as "You look like a fat little penguin" or an "ewok" or even "that's your worst dance of the year" doesn't help make anyone a better dancer or improve the technique. The pro dancers have earned my respect over the seasons because they go out week after week and perform whereas the judges just make make rude comments. Most of the pro dancers are former champions (world, Us, whatever). I don't think the judges have a single championship to their name. To paraphrase an old saying, "In this case, those that can't do, "JUDGE".


You could see at the start the judges were nicer to the other stars and pro's. But when it came to Maks and Hope they were over the top in thier comments. Len especially looked like he went into a fight or flight mode and as very aggresive when he spoke to Maks and Hope. The additional stress that had to create for Hope Iam suprised she just didn't leave the show. But she proved she is stronger than them, and to her credit lasted longer than they expected.


Jeez. Hope and Maks didn't do anything wrong. Last time I checked speaking wasn't against any sort of rule. We can all sit around here and try to judge them or judge the judges, but the truth is what happened, happened. I am proud of these two for speaking up and not being afraid of the public eye.


They're both immature & unprofessional. And in Hope's case, you'd think she wouldn't be such a poor sport. Maybe they really DID deserve each other. Having talent is meaningless if you're also a self-centered jerk. Hopefully Maks will take a year off from this show instead of subjecting himself to being judged by judges on a reality show. Or better yet, walk away for good & concentrate on SERIOUS DANCING since he's not able to compete in the 'popularity' portion of this show.


I love Maks. The judges are comments have been unfair and rude, not just this year but in seasons past. If I were a celebrity, I would think twice before appearing on this show. The judges need to go not Maks.


Carrie Anne is the worst of those three. A house cleaning is definitely needed here, Bruno is the only sensible one on the panel, Len has become a dead fish, just going with the popularity flow and getting grumpy with those who are not from famous families. The producers should not think for second that this show is too big to fail--they need to listen to the fans and change things around


Maks and Hope both demonstrated how childish and disrespectful they are. You would have expected that kind of behavior from a 2 year old, but a grown woman and man. Please!!! It is time for Maks to go period and leave the show. There is a reason that Derek wins a lot he is BETTER than Maks. Maks is like a little child pouting. Get over it or move on!


Time for all three judges to go, they lack professionalism and clearly have an adgenda. Hope was frustrated due to being mistreated week after week. Maks was right. Very disappointed with ABC's agenda this year. It was a great family show.


The time has come when the Pro Dancers are not judged on how they perform but the Stars should be judged on how they danced. Bono was there way too long . Nancy was there just because she was Nancy Grace. I can't blame Hope for being angry.She was mistreated I thought that she was as good as any one of the Stars. Len is a "Star Gazer." The old Coot!


I think they had every reason to be rude. I cannot stand the little boy, Derek. You can tell who the favorite with the producers, judges etc of DWTS is...Derek. They have NEVER paired him with someone that he does not have a chance to win with. I think Max and Tony are a lot better dancers and more fluid movement. You could tell that they were after Hope and Max from day 1.

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