Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Sore Dancing With the Stars Losers?

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Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy made it all the way to the semifinals before being eliminated on Tuesday evening's Dancing With the Stars results show.

But instead of going out on a high note, did the soccer star and her mercurial pro partner demonstrate the bad attitude they've been accused of in the past?

Certainly not in the immediate aftermath of their elimination, when they were gracious to one another and to their fans before their last dance of the season:

In the last nine weeks, the pair weren't the first or only couple to be criticized by the judges, but they were the ones who made it into a controversial issue.

Starting with Chmerkovskiy lashing out at Len Goodman, the couple's combative ways - with each other and the judges - was a continual thing all season.

In a video recap of Monday's performances, Solo complained about her scores: "Sevens? The same thing I got in week one. Kiss my booty," she said.

"The scores at this point, the judges at this point mean nothing."

The pair were also overheard swearing about the judges as they awaited their second set of scores during Monday's performances: "F--- 'em," they said.

Hope then reportedly refused all interviews after the program.

What do you think? Did their attitude and competitive ways actually hurt them this season, with the judges and with fans? And are you sad they're gone?


I thought the show was very good, all the way around. If anyone was a snotty bi tch, it was Kristen C. when she was eliminated. She is the one with a bad attitude. But that is no surprise.
However, I do think that gay guy should have been eliminated before anyone else. (sorry don't remember his name)


The show definitely needs to do some retooling. Carrie Ann is a lame ass judge - get her out of there. Judges overall played favorites big time this season. No more "reality" stars please. Give Derek some graceless fat chick next season and see how he does. JR Martinez on the show was a stroke of genius. How about a retired baseball player? (Mike Piazza, Greg Maddux, Rickey Henderson...) Loved Hope's feistiness - she totally got jobbed on scores. No, she wasn't the greatest, but she did improve quite a bit. Maks is the fire that you need on the show. He's money!


I believe the professionals do an outstanding job / but i would not care if the show was cancelled after this season after seeing how the judges acted this past season! shame on them, it's a pretty good gig they have - to make what they make and not do a GD thing, shame on them!


Hope's behavior was ungraceful, plain and simple. Her poor sportsmanship was perhaps more pronounced, given her competitive background. Part of athletic competition is accepting feedback and integrating it into future performance. She failed on this and her attitude really did her in. Maks should have coached her differently, but perhaps his personality and insight were insufficient to accomplish this. Few times during the season did she really listen to feedback from the judges (which I thought was actually spot on) - Maks could have helped her to do this, but instead similarly rebuked the feedback given. I was a strong supporter at the onset, but their poor sportsmanship did them in for good. Too bad neither of them will likely learn from the experience.


There might have been room for a bad attitude if Hope had been any good, but she should have been eliminated a long time ago. I voted for her the first week, but after that found her ungraceful and it always seemed like Maks was having to drag her around the dance floor. What a poor loser. I used to like Maks but I don't think I care if he ever comes back. What an arrogant ***.


What a poor sport... Starting back weeks ago. No gracious criticism ... Hope and Max thought the judges were against them? She may be athletic, but certainly not graceful or a great dancer. Obviously her personality doesn't allow for trying to improve, only to be the best. In that circumstance, it does turn people off ( including judges).. No surprise there. Victims, I think not! Good but not amazing dancers, I think so. Take what you are dealt with respect and dignity, it goes much farther than whining. However, whining does make good TV drama!


Carrie Ann and Bruno both really said offensive and uncalled for things about Hope and Maks (he's not allowed to smile?) and Chaz and others this year,yet raved week after week about other dancers even when they didn't do well. There really does seem to be a preset bias for/against certain pairs; I have to think that Hope really felt so to have become so upset during and after the show. This season really has been a letdown, except for Rob's amazing transformation into a dancer and apparent massive improvement in his self confidence. I'm always going to be a Maks fan; but for the rest of this season-Go Rob and Cheryl!


Poor sportsmanship on both Hope and Maxims part. I personally liked their performances initially. When the attitude and disrespect toward the judges started that's when I just stopped watching the show altogether. People lets keep it entertaining and professional.


Hope and Maks didn't get along that well. He got very upset with her in the earlier weeks. Hope's attitude was terrible and the judges were right. She just couldn't get along with her and she thought she should have better scores. She should have been voted off te show much earlier. Maks and the judges get along and he tried to be better. He even apologized to Len on GMA. I am delighted that Hope is gone.


The Judges have ruined a fun show.

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