Herman Cain Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations

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GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain denied allegations of sexual harassment Monday following a report that he treated two women inappropriately in the 1990s.

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    Comment #11 is @ Obvious!


    Yeah, anybody can talk smack on a computer using a keyboard. But the truth of the matter, you don't know Jack Squat. That's why you're an ignorant racist....straight from hell! You don't seem to get the jest that you don't dictate ANYTHING to me. I will vote for whoever I want to vote for and whenever I feel like voting for them. I'll bet you wasn't showing your ugly behind when Bush and all of those other clowns was president. So, it is time that someone else is given a chance other than idiots such as yourself. And I get the jest of what you are implying about how BLACK FOLKS NEED TO STAND ON THEIR OWN TWO FEET! That's crap!! Because it's just another one of your strategies that people like you have been using since the beginning of time. Translation......DIVIDE AND CONCUR!!!



    I don't take Fair warnings well! It's time "Some" Americans " stop waiting for "Obama" or other Saviors to take from the Wealthy and give to the poor. Robin Hood- he was Fiction! For you or anyone else who says they may just switch their Party is OBVIOUSLY not Mature enough to Vote! Blacks will vote for Blacks and Whites will be mislead. As Cain says- get off your ass and go to work. Reverse Rasism? No such thing! Racism is Rascism and whites don't have the Market cornered on that! Your in over your Head - Jones.


    To -T-Jones!!!

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    Who can believe anything anymore? I see Gloria is at it again. Anything to get her face in the news.. She's a disgrace.


    Real sexual harrassment isn't appropriate but I really am sick and tired of women, in general, who drop that label on any comment made that isn't squeaky clean. When I was much younger and working in various office situations, comments were made fairly often. I didn't feel degraded...just commented back, blew it off and, at times, even laughed. My advice is to stop taking everthing so seriously...lighten up and quit looking for excuses to make problems particularly if you don't feel threatened and if nobody puts their hands on you inappropriately. As with Mr. Cain. I have a feeling nobody would have come forward unless somewhere, somehow, money is involved. Does anyone remember Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and more? Sure, there was lots of press coverage, affairs, deceit and even with all that, Clinton became president. So, I guess the maintream media will support Mr. Cain through these rough times just like they supported Mr. Clinton......HA!


    This man is a Joke !! He is steering the public away from the other morons that are running for the republican party !!! This man does not make any sense and we should all pull the plug on this cartoon character !!!!!!!! Please make him go away !!!


    Let's use bob dole swift boat logic: there must be something to it if someone is making the claim.


    dont believe it for a second, just another media hit job on a republican

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