Herman Cain Accuses Rick Perry of Smear Campaign, Fueling Sexual Harassment Allegations

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It's full-on bedlam in the Republican presidential primary race as Herman Cain flat-out accused Rick Perry of starting a smear campaign against him and fueling the sexual harassment allegations against Cain that have surfaced.

Cain, a Georgia businessman who has surged to the lead in many polls, claims Texas Gov. Perry is orchestrating a covert assault to destroy his presidential candidacy.

He made the accusations personally yesterday.

Cain and Perry

As he sought to contain the fallout that consumed his campaign for a third day, Cain shifted his blame from the news media to Perry, the one-time frontrunner.

He accused a top political adviser to Perry of leaking details of one allegation, saying the adviser learned of it while working for Cain’s failed 2004 Senate bid.

“We now know and have been able to trace it back to the Perry campaign that stirred this up, in order to discredit me and slow us down,” Cain said last night.

A spokesman for Perry called that suggestion “reckless and false,” and denied that the campaign was the source of the disclosures against Cain this week.

No word on whether Perry was drunk during that campaign speech.

A source close to Mitt Romney's campaign also denied any involvement. What do you think? Is Cain really being smeared, or just trying to deflect attention?


Let me tell you something if Perry had anything to do with this, I will not vote for him. I want to here what he's going to do for the country. Not what he can dig up on somebody. How about his drinking problem..Yes iam from texas.


It's also REAL Presidential to blame Bush, the weather, earthquakes, the riots in Greece, Egypt, Libya, the tsunami in Japan and Congress (only the House but not the Senate though).


Talk about raising Cain!! Not too long ago, "The Godfather Motivational Speaker" was talking about electric fences and it's everybody's own fault if they don't have a job. Time would only tell about "The Old Rooster" (born in The Year of the Rooster @1945) strutting around approaching every other woman that crossed his path. Who knew that this proud "turkey" would end up on the defensive about his workplace behavior from years ago. It is my understanding that there are Now 3 women claiming that the old fossil made unwanted advances. It seems that any political aspirations that he had, will Now be clouded by women,women women. Forget campaigning and political issues,we Now have a regular wolf in sheep's clothing parading around as a presidential candidate and Not owning up to previous bad bay behavior. PEACE!!


 "He TOLD on me!" Yeah, that's REAL presidential.

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