Happy 24th Birthday, Snooki!

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Effing Snooki, a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi from Jersey Shore, turns 24 today.

Born in Chile and adopted by Italian-American parents, the former high school cheerleader has gone on to achieve reality TV stardom and widespread popularity.

Well, at least the former. Say what you will about her (and we've said plenty), Snooki has become a household name, a brand and a lightning rod for controversy.

She goes hard. She gets it in. Her weight may exceed her IQ points (and she's 4'9" people). She blacks out and looks absolutely absurd. And we can't get enough of it.

Snooki Hair

Effing Snook. She is who she is. And she's 24 today.

Love or despise her, Snook's tribulations on Jersey Shore have been the target of vitriolic disdain while giving the show an air of authenticity and an odd appeal.

She's the Princess of F*%king Poughkeepsie, b!tch. She may not know what a continent is, but she's richer than all of us, and what else would we talk about?!

Wish her a happy birthday below and reminisce about some of her finest moments from Seasons 1-4 of Jersey Shore that we've posted after the jump:


congrats and STOP ACTING LIKE A SLUT young girls watch and if they see a grown women acting like that then thats what they will act like YOU ARE NOT A ROLE MODEL YOU ARE A SLUT HOE with facke ass boobs!!!!!!!!!! they might be real but probley not???????????????


happy bday!!!! love ya


call me snooki 7539250


love happy lolol bday


happy bday snooki hope you have a awesome day


Happy bday have a great and blessed day..love u and the jersey shore group..=.}.


Happy Birthday Snooki!!! I hope u have the best birthday ever!!! I think u are the sweetest person!!! I don't like some of things that you and the other people on Jersey Shore does cause it makes u look bad. But I have seen u on other shows and you are a very good person and you keep it real. That is what I like about you. I am looking forward to the next season of Jersey Shore. I hope that one day I will get the opportunity to meet you and some of the other people on Jersey Shore. Take care!!! YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!


Happy birthday I find myself oddly attracted to you hope you have great day

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