Fashion Face-Off: Ashley Greene vs. Nikki Reed, Take III!

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Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed are going at it once again.

The Twilight Saga stars first faced off on the red carpet at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. They then did so again a year later.

Now, the actresses are prepared for their rubber match, as each has spent the last few days promoting Breaking Dawn aboard. Greene is pictured below in Paris, Reed in Rome. Both look gorgeous, but only one can win. Compare. Contrast. Vote now.

Fashion Face-Off!

Ashley Greene or Nikki Reed? Compare Breaking Dawn star red carpet fashion now! View Poll »


@Sam It's the International Rome Film Festival. If you follow fashion trends, what Nikki is wearing is the kind of dress that female celebs tend to wear in this kind of an event. In regards, to the poll, I think Nikki blows Ashley Greene out of the water. Always has, always will.


Ashley Greene, she always dresses classy yet manages to add an edge to what could be plain boring dresses. Nikki will always be a try-hard, pretty overdressed for the occassion I believe. This is not the Oscars NikkI!!


I usually prefer Ashley, but in this case, definitely Nikki!


Nikki wins this one obviously...this isn't a tough decision!


she is the one of course Ashley!

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