Drew Ryniewicz Slows Down a U2 Classic

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Is Drew Ryniewicz already stuck in a rut?

The adorable 14-year old covered the classic U2 track "With or Without You" last night, keeping the tempo slow and delivering what sounded like another winning ballad.

But L.A. Reid said he's "pushing for more" from the young crooner, while also adding she might have the most "original" voice of all finalists. Nicole Scherzinger, similarly, said she was hoping the track would pick up.

Do you agree? Is Drew still competition for Melanie Amaro? Listen to her latest now:


Too me Drew is ok singer, but i wouldnt go pay to see her. Why? Because she always sound the same with every song choice. I know Drew like slow country songs, but she need to try something different. Melanie is one of the greatest singer. We need more people like her to do real music.


I think, for Rock week, Nicole has a legitimate criticism. And we all KNOW Drew has the fire power in her vocal range to ROCK a song, too. She made a decision to perform this song this way. She is asserting her genre, that is true. And this song was beautiful in a slow, slow CONTROLLED way. Perhaps Drew will strike out and be like the other judges want her to be - perhaps not. It says a lot that she IS the most cutting edge, unique and FEARLESS performer on the X Factor this year. In my opinion. Who would I pay to see perform? Drew. Who would I pay in regard to unique, cutting edge FEARLESS music in the future - Drew, too. In my opinion. Perhaps Melanie could try being more like Drew? Hmmmmmmm. Perhaps...

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