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Too me Drew is ok singer, but i wouldnt go pay to see her. Why? Because she always sound the same with every song choice. I know Drew like slow country songs, but she need to try something different. Melanie is one of the greatest singer. We need more people like her to do real music.


I think, for Rock week, Nicole has a legitimate criticism. And we all KNOW Drew has the fire power in her vocal range to ROCK a song, too. She made a decision to perform this song this way. She is asserting her genre, that is true. And this song was beautiful in a slow, slow CONTROLLED way.

Perhaps Drew will strike out and be like the other judges want her to be - perhaps not. It says a lot that she IS the most cutting edge, unique and FEARLESS performer on the X Factor this year. In my opinion. Who would I pay to see perform? Drew. Who would I pay in regard to unique, cutting edge FEARLESS music in the future - Drew, too.

In my opinion. Perhaps Melanie could try being more like Drew? Hmmmmmmm. Perhaps...

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