Drew Ryniewicz Slows Down a U2 Classic

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Is Drew Ryniewicz already stuck in a rut?

The adorable 14-year old covered the classic U2 track "With or Without You" last night, keeping the tempo slow and delivering what sounded like another winning ballad.

But L.A. Reid said he's "pushing for more" from the young crooner, while also adding she might have the most "original" voice of all finalists. Nicole Scherzinger, similarly, said she was hoping the track would pick up.

Do you agree? Is Drew still competition for Melanie Amaro? Listen to her latest now:

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i think drew is good but to arrogent. i think the finale will be chris drew and melanie but i wnat it to be rachel instead of drew i like her but i dont want her to win its melanie all the way


Let me break it down. LA Reid is not on the show to be a judge. He's the CEO of EPIC records and he'll personally be working with who ever wins. He wants someone who will go platinum & fill arenas like Kelly Clarkson. Marcus - Lounge singer. Couldn't fill arenas.
Chris - Extremely risky with drug past & not at all worth risk.
Josh - Great pipes, but risky. Kinda old. Not a heart throb.
Lakoda - No way
Roy - His fans don't buy albums or go to concerts
Rach - No Genre. Too Disney. Acts like little girl w/easter eggs. Girls in outside of elementary school wouldn't be caught dead at her concert.
Astro - Producers won't let win. It would destroy show.
Mel - Yes. Amazing Voice. Young. Her genre has mass appeal.
Drew - Yes. Amazing Voice. Young. Her genre has mass appeal.


It seems obvious Drew and Melanie are being setup by the producers for the finale. The producers are using the old comeback story with Drew - same trick they used with Scott McCreery on idol - who supposedly could only sing slow country. And then wham! A miracle. The blogs sounded just like this one, the week b4 he broke out & went on to win. Same thing will happen with Drew. I've seen drew's you tube videos and she can sing jazz, upbeat, big ballads - you name it. The show is playing games with us. Does anyone out there really buy the BOGUS melanie invited back story. Drew & Mel are the only ones in competition and the teenagers who vote like 900 times a piece will decided who wins. The show is more than happy to let the teens decide. Afterall, they are the one who buy like a Zillion ALbums. Evrything else from Josh to Rachel is just window dressing to keep the older viewers tuned in.


Drew is accused of sounding exactly the SAME performance to performance because she is breaking the mold of Reality TV multiple-voting karaoke competitions. She is the ONLY contestant that sounds consistently like DREW rather then the others who are impersonating the artists they are covering. Drew is her own BRAND and a quality brand.. The others are generic. Drew is a TRUE artist and Epic's only logical investment here. Ive seen alot of these competitions and the usual winners are not going far. A big hug to Carrie Underwood as the exception.


I analyzed U2 and Drew's version in NTRACK SOfTWARE and Drew did NOT slow the tempo down of the U2 version. There was no measurable difference in tempo. Drew's allotted time did not allow for the complete impact of the song. But otherwise the energy and tempo was not toned down from original. There is propaganda from Reality TV drama. Leave it to FOX.


Singers like Melanie are in a class of their own. Powerful, clear, beautiful voice that I can listen to. Drew on the other hand is the garbage that plays on the airwaves (Ex: Justin Bieber) today that most call music. She has an annoying voice. It reminds me of nails being scratched on a chalkboard or a cats tail that was slammed in a door. Even Astro has more talent and i'm no fan of hip-hop music. Melanie, Josh, Astro, and Marcus... Now that's talent!


Melanie, Astro, and Josh are filled with talent. Drew, Rene, and Stacey GO HOME! Stacey although a powerful singer, is loud and tone deaf. Drew's repetitive tone is so dreary. Who ever told Rene that he can sing, needs a smack across the face. Honorable mentions "Leroy and Marcus". Dakota who? I know he's only a kid, but Astro's attitude and cockiness needs major improvement.


Drew has an unique talent, her voice relax you and gives you hope. Amaro has talent but is not an unique voice, Amaro was gifted with strong vocal that moves your hard.
I wish both success! But Drew is just unique I hope we see her with an album of her own soon!


Maryanne: Straight up, your bashing a 14 yr old girl who is establishing her original and unique voice on a major talent competition and you say she can't sing?? oh, and ya, LA said she sings the same thing, but he also said she has prolly the most original and unique voices in the show, annddd he also said in her first audition, "YOU ARE SPECIAL!!". Now, misses i think I'm a major record label CEO and can pick talent out but not really because you're prolly just a fat nasty chick typing on a comp. bashing kids because they're doing things you could never nor will never do, let me ask u this, would LA REID say she was special if he didn't think she was talented?? Hhmmmm, NO!! please stop hating yourself so that others can go on with their lives maryanne, misery does not love company here:)


HOPE: I hardly think drew waas being obnoxious durig her qritique. you need to remember at the end of the dy she is only 14 years old and is going to have flashes of immaturity once in a while. a 14 yr old is naturally defensive, and to put her in a sitch like that and ask her to not be immature ever or obnoxious is ridiculous. besides, atleast she didn't do what that little punk astro did, I don't care if your 9 yrs old, that was some BS, lol. he's done for sure next week haha. keep killin it drew, S.D.'s got ur back:)