Dr. Conrad Murray Verdict: GUILTY of Manslaughter

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The jury has returned a verdict of in the Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter trial. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson.

After less than two days of deliberation, the jury reached a verdict for the man who worked as MJ's personal physician leading up to his ill-fated This Is It tour.

The panel buzzed the L.A. Superior Courtroom three times from the deliberation room this morning, signaling it had made a decision after the six-week trial.

The verdict was just announced, and Murray was found guilty.

Dr. Murray Verdict

In the six-week trial, prosecutors hammed home the argument that Murray recklessly administered a lethal dose of the powerful anesthesia Propofol to MJ.

Moreover, they painted a picture of a man concerned for his own well being instead of his patient, and said all of Murray's decisions led to Jackson's death.

Also, his self-described timeline of events simply did not add up.

His defense attorneys claimed that Michael Jackson was in the midst of an irreversible downward spiral of addiction, and accidentally gave himself a fatal dose.

That always felt like a stretch, but they had to argue something.

He will be sentenced November 29 and faces up to four years in prison. It looks as if Dr. Murray will be remanded into custody and denied bail until that date.

UPDATE: We've posted video of the reading of the verdict below.

After the verdict was read aloud, you can hear La Toya Jackson and Kathy Hilton (Paris' mom, and a family friend) cry out, before they are quickly shushed:

Dr. Conrad Murray guilty verdict: Did the jury get it right?

Debra smith

It's all very sad.


@skule cool story bro. @beverly i highlt doubt michael's soul resting peacfully depended on a guilty verdict, i mean when the guy gets out in a couple months is he guna be unpeaceful again? This is all b.s. if it wasnt mj there probably wouldnt have been a trial just like thatruth5 said its all bcuz its a celeb.. i didnt "love" mj before he died and im not guna pretend i did like all the idiots who were crying and buying up his cds when he died.


This greedy reckless whore loving monster should of got life. There is absolutely no excuse for what he did. He killed the King of Pop, and he should die for it. I wish Elvis Presleys doctor the same. They knew exactly what they were doing was dead wrong. Murray is a monster, look at him, it written all over.


Good point tina. I was wondering the same thing. But it seems like the people who supplied the stuff will not even be noticed. I dont think they did a full investigation, it seems more like they just wanted to arrest somebody and blame somebody for the death of mj in the publics eye and they werent really concerened about true criminal activity


Knowing what I know as an RN, absolutely no doctor should have propofol outside a hospital setting. He knew what he was doing was wrong and completely unethical. He deserves the verdict and any time he serves... Great to know that he's losing his medical licence... One less idiot doctor out there, the better... The other thing I have issue with is the person who supplied Dr. Murray the propofol... what the heck is going to happen to them??


now remember, @thatruth5 (myself), said this: the Dr. will not even do 1/2 of that time. YES, it is fuck'd up, but they claim their jailhouse is 'over-crowded', i mean, look @LiLo!! Cant wait 4 his sentencing. I didnt care nor think about the 'guilty' or 'not guilty' verdict, its the actual time these 'celebs' put in. I kno f it was a 'regular' 1 of US, then we'd def DO the time that was given, or most of it anyways!!!


this is fucking pathetic, this doctor should not be going to jail, its plain bullshit. michael jackson, was a drug addict way before he came along!


I was waiting for this verdict. I am happy that He's guilty. The lesson is: If someone is not responding and breathing, call 911. Conrad did not call 911. He just let him die. Michael can rest in peace.


Stop blaming others when you know the truth, the fact remains that Dr. Murray was used as a weapon.. from the perspective view of the illuminatti theory it has a lot to MJ's death.


i dont see a fact of truth in trial of murray doc. i base my reality on the "RAIN MAN" they should be the one responsible for the king of pop's death. dont someone know the work of the illuminatti? to the highest profile member is always in three!!! people dont kill others pls.

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