Dr. Conrad Murray Verdict: GUILTY of Manslaughter

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The jury has returned a verdict of in the Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter trial. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson.

After less than two days of deliberation, the jury reached a verdict for the man who worked as MJ's personal physician leading up to his ill-fated This Is It tour.

The panel buzzed the L.A. Superior Courtroom three times from the deliberation room this morning, signaling it had made a decision after the six-week trial.

The verdict was just announced, and Murray was found guilty.

Dr. Murray Verdict

In the six-week trial, prosecutors hammed home the argument that Murray recklessly administered a lethal dose of the powerful anesthesia Propofol to MJ.

Moreover, they painted a picture of a man concerned for his own well being instead of his patient, and said all of Murray's decisions led to Jackson's death.

Also, his self-described timeline of events simply did not add up.

His defense attorneys claimed that Michael Jackson was in the midst of an irreversible downward spiral of addiction, and accidentally gave himself a fatal dose.

That always felt like a stretch, but they had to argue something.

He will be sentenced November 29 and faces up to four years in prison. It looks as if Dr. Murray will be remanded into custody and denied bail until that date.

UPDATE: We've posted video of the reading of the verdict below.

After the verdict was read aloud, you can hear La Toya Jackson and Kathy Hilton (Paris' mom, and a family friend) cry out, before they are quickly shushed:

Dr. Conrad Murray guilty verdict: Did the jury get it right?


I still think all this people are full of crap thinking conrad murray is guilty for killing an addict that knew the risks that propofol has and was still begging for it i think jackson is responsible for his own actions and i think mj is the only one to blame for the suffering of his three kids because he didnt think about them when he was taking those drugs if he really loved them he wouldve thought of them...and one more thing i think mj family are hipocrits and his fans cause when he was alive they didnt show him support when he needed it..conrad got a fair deal hes only gonna do the time for giving propofal in a place he wasnt suppose to hes not getting charge for murder nobody gets 4 years for a murder...free conrad...

Maryanne gaeta

The sad thing here is this moron didn't get enough jail time, so what else is new......At least he's doing some time, unlike the Casey Anthony case..... they really should lock him in and throw away the key....i hope Michael Jackson is now resting in peace....


I dont think four years is nearly long enough, but at least people know the truth and he doesnt just get to continue to enjoy his life and MJ,s money like nothing happened.and maybe one day he can see what he has done and at least learn something from it.(maybe)


Allsaints45 STFU! You have no proof Michael Jackson molested kids!!! Who the hell do you think you are? Mind your own business and get a life! You do not talk about people like that!

Ms billie

Conrad I hope you're place in a cell in prison with a huge loyal fan of Michael Jackson. If you're lucky it will be a BIG GUY that beats the hell out of you on a daily basis the entire time you have to serve.

Ms billie

I am very happy Conrad Murray was found guilty I only wish it had been more severe and lose his license.... It's very unfortunate it was Michael a great singer, son, brother and devoted father. Although it doesn't really matter who the patient was his medical ethics were extremely unethical and he deserves everything he gets coming to him. It's one less unethical monster off the streets. My condolences to Michael's family especially his grieving children. If they have learned anything from this it's that they can't trust everyone that calls themselves a friend.


I'm sorry but I don't agree with the ruling, the media keeps saying greed was a factor in why he killed him. If he was his only client why would he kill his only cash cow. I love Micheal and his family but we all have our downward spirals in life, I wish his family could have stepped in a little early before things got out of hand. Addiction is something hard to get through without the right support. Yes he should have monitored him more closely but how can one man sit and monitor him 24-7. He should serve this time in jail and lose his license period. But whatever goes down nothing is going to be enough punishment for a life that was lost weather it's on propose or accidental, we should just remember him the way we always have.


At least the one guilty is punished... he is punished yes, bt i know my KING will never come back..is the punishment sufficent???
i jus want Murray 2 realise how many hearts he has hurt... I will continue 2 luv u MIACHAEL....mwahhhhhhhhhhhh Tous les soirs....dans mes rèves....je te vois....
Tous les soirs....dans mes rèves....je te sens....
car c bien toi je j'aime et ke j'aimerai toujours.... u r always in my heart


I am a big fan of michael fan and one of my faorite song i love lisening to is thrilla.I new what the verdic was gonna be guilty.The judge should have given little jimmy life without any probation becaus i don't agree with the sentencing the judge gave him.


Sure, Michael was gifted, genius; however, he was uncontrolled and needed drugs to perform . Only idiots could blame the doctor for his death from overdose; then, only idiots could celebrate someone's imprisonement or any misfortune.
And from now better for all celebrities to heal themselves.

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