Dr. Conrad Murray: STILL No Regrets!

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Despite its role in earning him a four-year prison sentence, Dr. Conrad Murray doesn't regret for a second filming the now-infamous documentary about his trial.

In said documentary, he said he didn't regret his actions because he didn't do anything wrong ... a jury disagreed and convicted him of involuntary manslaughter.

The making of the film, which was released after Murray's conviction but before his sentencing, in the Michael Jackson death trial, infuriated Judge Michael Pastor.

Doctor Murray

Murray's lawyers freely admit he needed the money, but the Conrad Murray documentary was made primarily so that the public could hear his side of the story.

Maybe he should've tried testifying trial OR sentencing then. Eh, whatever.

The 56-year-old physician told friends and family that he knew he was going to get the maximum sentence, and that the documentary didn't play a role.

Thus, it didn't bother him that Pastor lambasted him over the things he said in the film, in particular, trashing MJ and not taking blame for his actions.

Moreover, Murray is "surprisingly upbeat" about the sentence, telling a friend, "I'm just relieved it's over," adding, "Don't worry, I'm fine, I'll be out soon."

Too soon, according to Michael's family.


I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson. A sweet generous man and exceptionally good father. What happened to him was a tragic accident. Dr. Murray did not cause his death intentionally. He deserves some understanding. Too many people in our wonderful country are becoming mean-spirited.


Although there is liltte time, the fan community is trying to do a mass writing campaign immediately to have the show canceled.I know there was a doc in the works but I didn't realize it would be ready so soon.

Ms billie

Killer Conrad Murray has no regrets because he's a cold blooded killer. He only cares about himself and NO ONE else. Not once has he thought about what he did to Michael's kids and family. I'm not a vindictive person although I strongly feel he never got enough time for killing a man, father, son and brother. He should have gotten a much longer sentence than he did and should be made to spend every single day of it in a highly secured prison. Get this man off the streets and keep him away from people.