Dr. Conrad Murray Prosecutors Lobby For Maximum Possible Sentence

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Dr. Conrad Murray will be sentenced next Tuesday, and how much jail time he serves will depend on what a judge decides after hearing arguments from both the defense and prosecution - which will be poles apart as you might expect.

The D.A. wants Michael Jackson's former personal physician to spend the maximum possible four years in prison for his involuntary manslaughter conviction.

Meanwhile, defense attorneys asked that he only receive probation.

Murray Trial
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Prosecutors David Walgren and Deborah Brazil told Judge Michael Pastor that Murray showed no remorse for Jackson's death and has blamed others instead.

Moreover, he chose to slander the King of Pop both at trial and in the documentary he filmed during it, making a lenient sentence for the doctor inexcusable.

The film does not portray MJ flatteringly. In one interview for it, Dr. Conrad Murray actually says, "I don't feel guilty because I did not do anything wrong."

The maximum jail sentence isn't the only thing the prosecution is seeking - they're looking for damages of up to $100 million due to Jackson's death.

The defense for Murray, who is on suicide watch, begged to differ.

Defense attorney Nareg Gourjian cited positive letters from Murray's former patients and said, "There is no question that the death of his patient, Mr. Jackson, was unintentional, accidental and an enormous tragedy for everyone affected."

"Dr. Murray has been described as a changed, grief-stricken man, who walks around under a pall of sadness since the loss of his patient, Mr. Jackson."

Funny, his actions don't exactly suggest that, do they?


Why are they sending this black doctor to jail? He should get a pass just based on his color.The Jackson family doesn't seem to like him cause he's black and he didn't bleach his skin.Doctor Murray didn't do anything wrong by administering a powerful anesthetic to someone who didn't need it and how dare these white prosecuters try to protect the public and especialy the black community where this mad doctor practiced his trade.


Most of these laughed at Michael and talked about him messing with boys, his zoo, his clothes, etc. They just want to see a high profile minority go down. It's like a high for them. They didn't care about Michael. But this white doctor who went around helping people die, what's his name- was worshiped and adored for his killings- like he was a hero or something. This is still black lynching. Every 3 years they look for a black rapper, or presidential person to pull down. But God loves all of His Children. Justice is still unequal and unfair. The prosecutors could care less about Michael, it's just a game to them. Playing wit people's lives. Michael's family wants a scapegoat-they tried to stop Michael for years, but he kept trying to jump out of the window and succeeded.


You don't give more drugs to a drug addict and clearly Conrad Murray knew he was a drug addict since he is the one who tape recorded Michael Jackson while he was high.


Doctor Murray was a scared man when he didn't get away with the crime he was committing .Sedating people that had no need to be sedated with a potentialy dangerous anesthetic.Doctor Murray is a serious danger to society when he can not see or admit that he did wrong praticing complicated and dangerous medical treatment outside of a hospital.Doctor Murray shouldn't go to jail, he needs to go an insane asylum.Only in Michael Jackson's World can you run into a mad doctor such as Doctor Murray.


Dr Murray Should NOT go to jail! Lose his license YES! Michael WAS a Drug Addict, He hired Doctors that would give him what h wanted, And P>S Drug Addicts Tend to DIE.... They want to make Dr Murray out to be a sinister monster, What he was , was a scared man who lost a patient and panicked and tried to cover it up, There was no hatred or desire to have Michael Die, I believe Michael was not up front about what he already had taken (as drug addicts do) And Dr Murray gave him the dose that put him over the edge. Michael is responsible for his own death, He paid different Doctors a lot of money to give him the drugs he wanted. He is responsible for his own death and as for not feeling remorse Why Should dr Murray feel Bad, His patient Lied to him, Died, and now has ruined his life as well as ending his own.


i think that conrad murray needs the maximum sentence because he as a doctor should have known better. at least michael's children can have some justice because they are without a father.


people seem to forget the sadness and guilt that murray bears -just leave it alone, it makes all in america seem sick, you can have remorese without feeling guilty if he did not overdose Jackson but rather Jackson himself did.


100 million dollars in damages smells fishy to me considering Michael was worth in the billions of dollars .I think by capping losses at $100 million somebody is trying to save AEG from a potential multibillion dollar lawsuit down the line. How much is a father of three minor children worth.How much is a good generous son worth?How much is the biggest entertainer in the world worth? In Michael Jackson's world of the spectacular $100 million is chump change and the City of Los Angeles knows it.


Many children were abused in the catholic church and are still being abused.

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