Donald Trump Accuses Jon Stewart of "Racist Rant" Against Herman Cain

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Jon Stewart is facing Donald Trump's wrath (been too long since we heard from him on political matters) after making what the latter calls a "racist rant" about Herman Cain.

Specifically, Trump took issue with the comedian's commentary on the GOP presidential candidate's confusing denial of sexual harassment charges during the 1990s.

Stewart likened Cain's answer to being asked "Have you ever kidnapped a baby?" only to respond, "No. Well, other than the Lindbergh baby." Funny? Not to Trump ...

Trump was upset about Stewart's imitation of Herman Cain, saying, "It's not what he said, but the way he said. The tone of his voice, the inflection. Unbelievable."

He called out officials saying they're letting Stewart "get away" with it.

"Other people get taken off the air, and when he [Stewart] says it, people smile and sort of say, 'Wow, I can't believe he gets away with that,'" Trump explained.

Trump said others are lambasted for non-political correctness, but never Stewart, even if he does "a horrible, horrible thing to the African-American community."

Whether or not this constitutes "horrible" is a matter of opinion, clearly. But maybe Don should look back at a certain pot-stirring crusade he waged not long ago.

On the flip side, Stewart does go after certain people harder than others, and with a very different style. If that's the Donald's point, it's not totally off base.

Jon's primary target seems to be media coverage of Cain, not the Republican candidate himself, though. Is Trump overreacting or was Stewart just offensive?

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This coming from the guy who demanded to see the president's birth certificate. Because that wasn't racist at all. What a tool.


about time some one slaps this little piss ant.Go Mr. Trump


The Donald and his weird hairdo should go hang gliding and get lost!!


*"him or Obama"


Does Trump actually watch the show? He uses the same voice for a bunch of different people regardless of their race. Trump continues to prove that he is an idiot, glad I don't have to worry about having to chose either him and Obama.


Okay, I am a Republican. I find John Stewart hilarious. He is a comic. It's a shame that a good number of people rely on him for information though. Yes, the routine was racist....because....he doesn't go after Obama the same way. There is so much material with Obama (gaffes, calling his wife Michael, socialism etc). Were JS to have the guts to go after Obama with the same vigor - the world would be his oyster. Now, the right will be really pissed by this routine b/c it makes Mitt Romney look good - really that's the point with the extreme right this election. The extreme right are just as bad as the progressive liberals. I support Mitt Romney....guess what...he is just a Republican - shock!!!! a Republican. It would be nice not to have an extremist in the White House.

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