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I saw this woman on an episode of some court TV program (perhaps Judge Joe Brown?) this past week.


Everyone is taking the last 12 years of Stacy's life out of context, Working 57 hours out of 4380 hours does not make you successful. Living in a 1 bedroom apartment as a single mom with two kids is called struggling to make ends-meet.

You all are destroying all the time I spent trying to boost Stacy's confidence after the abuse. You all are continuing to abuse her verbally and emotionally. I thought I would never get her to stop crying and stop being a victim when she was being abused. Her significant other's continued harassment madde it difficult for her to regain confidence in herself. I am sure she is feeling worse now than he ever made her feel about trying to make a career with her amazing voice.

Thanks for your help in destroying what was rebuilt in Stacy and making her feel worthless again! We work everyday in the community to end this type of cruelty towards the less fortunate and you are proofing we have A LOT of work to do!

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