Did Stacy Francis Enjoy One Shining Moment?

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Every reality show needs a villain, right? To many, Stacy Francis fits that role on The X Factor, stemming from a series of apparent lies of her background. In short:

Francis claims she has never released a CD and has little to no experience in the music business. This appears to be a gross misrepresentation, but whatever. We're here to judge the contestant as a performer, right?

And based on her vocal talent, Paula Abdul thinks Stacy would go all the way. She referred to last night's "Up to the Mountain" cover as the crooner's "shining moment," while Nicole Scherzinger added: "You were just honest. You were the epitome of grace, and poise, and beauty, and you're fulfilling your purpose."

Do you agree, THGers?

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I enjoyed Stacy Francis on the X Factor. I also enjoyed her on the DVD I have, LOVERS AND FRIENDS. She can really act!!! Stacy, don't give up!You have some prayers out of me. People can be sooo cruel. Grow up people!!!!!


ok, so we have the villain, and why are we so mean towards her? this is a competition, why are we discriminating this lady..? Other competitor had cut CDs too. Please do check background of other contestants. lets just enjoy the show and appreciate their singing and talents.


It ain't about being black,prior experience, age or veracity; it's
about singing and Stacy delivers the songs the way I want to hear them. Maybe she won't win the $5m, because the preponderance of the
people enjoy a different kind of music but that girl can sing and
make you feel it. In my opinion, she won the week, last week, even
though my favorites are Rachel Crow and Melanie Amora and Rachel and
Melanie were great last week and every week.


A beautiful voice and a beautiful talent.....I had never heard of Stacy Francis until X-Factor, and I am thankful to X-Factor for making me aware of this wonderful talent. But any person with great talent will have their share of haters…because beauty and talent is a dangerous combination. This woman is amazing and I wish her the best of luck, and I will certainly be one of the first in line to purchase a CD by Ms. Francis.


YES YES YES !!!!! AMERICANS do need a little GOSPEL in their life.One day we are gonna sit back and really wonder what happen to our country and it will be TO LATE!!! lets try something different people I promise a refund of your misery if it doesn't work!!!!LET GO AND LET GOD !!!!!!!


This woman is a single Black mom. She is a beautiful singer with a great voice like no other. She is still struggling to make it. Give this Black woman the support she needs. She's doing what she has to do to make it. Beautiful voice she has. Perez Hilton, needs to go hibernate in a closet if this is the best he can find to talk about on his web and air time. PErez Hilton needs to go back to PR or wherever the heck he slithered out from.


uhhhh sweets ( Stacy ) I can't believe I EVER bought your song and dance of "I dont wanna die with this music in me". You're such a hypocrit!!!! You've had your whole LIFE to get your music out of you. You were in a girl group, sang on a cruise ship, performed in front of celebrities, was on Broadway, etc, etc, and more etc. You've had more PROFESSIONAL CELEBRITY experiences and hob nobbing than 90% of single mothers on this EARTH will EVER have. QUIT yer cryin' and just get OFF the XFactor. You have no BUSINESS being there if you're gonna use that platform to LIE & weep wail and moan about how "poor you" has been given next to NO opportunities in life. You make me SICK Stacy


I really loved her but I cannot believe she was that exposed to the bizz she portrayed herself as being poor and hungry... I fell for her when she said she had to borrow a dress to wear on the show.. No one will chastise u for the experienced because she really didn't get a contract but be honest and that will get you votes.... A lie has no future.


i think she would be so much better if she stopped over-singing everything. she tries WAY to hard and it makes her voice go all over the place. if she controlled it better that would be great. she wont win this competition but she'll most likely get signed by someone.


Delores, a persons confidence can only be destroyed if you let it, if she allows comments people make about her she is not strong enough to be in the business, if you put yourself out there in the public eye, better be strong enough to handle it. and she falls apart to easy. dont know if its real or if its for sympathy. but i for one dont like her as a singer, she is not good, ok she is good for her type of music, but it will not sell with the young adults, kids or teenagers today. She could sing in a lounge or something with her voice she could get a job singing somewhere, but not for a 5 million dollar contract and a pepsi commercial, I would not like to see that.