Did Marie Osmond Get Plastic Surgery?

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Marie Osmond's face has undergone quite a transformation.

We don't know for a fact that she's had plastic surgery ... but come on now. Marie's new made-up, super-tight look is adding fuel to the rumors, and for good reason.

Check out the 52-year-old ex-Dancing with the Stars contestant at the 80th Anniversary of the Hollywood Christmas Parade on Sunday, and in 1999:

Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery Pic
Old Marie Osmond Pic

Her eyebrows are looking more arched, likely from Botox injections. But it's her lips that really stand out, having seemingly expanded several-fold over the years.

Asked by Prevention magazine how she felt about having plastic surgery, the actress recently answered: "We cherish youth more than we do wisdom."

"Will I do it? I'm sure. Nobody wants to have a saggy jowl. Is it bad to do? I don't think anything is bad if it makes you feel better.”

Hey, at least she's up front about it, right Kate Gosselin?

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Sorry, Marie, Love your music, have been a fan for so many years, but you were so pretty before the recent procedures...now you look like a female impersonator. Too much.


I think she is wearing a wig. The heavy front makes her jaw line look very square. Without a doubt the lips are being filled! A shame she wants to change herself so much - I think if she is having surgery she needs to stop right now. A very pretty lady and she doesn't need to do the surgery route.


honestly, it doesn't look bad at all. i can't tell the difference. beautiful then beautiful now.
now let's all go out and get a life.


Marie, please forgive me for the comment I made. I have no right to judge you and I am truly sorry for saying anything.


She looks like a big drag queen


This is so tragic. Marie now looks like a crack whore.


Of course she has. She's been doing it for awhile now. Which is a shame because if you look at her when she was younger, granted that was a long time ago and people's looks change naturally, she was much different looking. Her teeth were much bigger back then. Her lips much thinner. I remember some years ago she had a really bad facelift and was almost unrecognizable. Shame. I often wonder what many stars, who were beautiful in their youth, would look like today if they hadn't gone under the knife. I bet they'd look better.


Hey Marie. I heard you were receiving Hydrofacial treatments for your beautiful skin care. Any comments on Hydrofacial treatments? Thanks, Greg


Oh Marie, why? I thought you were a role model for women to love themselves the way they were and to strive to be beautiful from within. Now you, who all women loved, have shown them that they at not good enough unless they are young and beautiful looking. I believe your mother, a beautiful woman who grew old gracefully, would not be happy with this Marie. No one wants to look old but growing old gracefully is harder to do than going under a knife and older women should be cherished an now our role model is gone.