Did Mariah Carey Just Diss Kim Kardashian?

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Mariah Carey's weight loss is the topic of the new cover story of Us Weekly.

The slimmed-down singer had plenty to say about the prior week's too.

She appeared to make a comment about Kim Kardashian's divorce at a press conference for Carey's introduction as the new face of Jenny (formerly Jenny Craig).

"I'm a real person, I'm not putting on a fake face for Hollywood," Carey told the crowd, then spoke about her marriage to Nick Cannon, with whom she has twins.

Mariah Carey, Jenny Craig
Kim Kardashian in InStyle Australia

"Sometimes we really make each other mad, and that's why we aren't divorced after four months," she cracked, as the crowd audibly gasped after that remark.

The poster child for quickie divorces/defecating on the institution of marriage these days, of course, is Kardashian, who lasted all of 72 days with Kris Humphries.

That's not even three months, but whatever. Carey was sheepish after her joke, prompting the "Butterfly" singer to sort of take it back: "I'm sorry, just saying."

And we're just saying ... that she's kalling like it is. Sorry Kim.


Mariah is a no talent piece of shit and she is pathetic.


Meant to say SHE made a pathetic attempt to deny SHE was referencing Kim


Royalblood what the hell are you babbling about??? Or do you even know??? And I agree with mission three sixteen to a point, but these women are empowered and should empower and support each other and other women, not be bashing another unfortunate female whose marriage DID NOT work out, I mean how many years did it finally take Mariah to find a suitable groom would deal with her outrageous narcissism. Kim may love attention from her fans and public but isn't obsessed or in love with herself the way Mariah is, in an interview earlier this week Mariah made a pathetic attempt to deny age was referencing Kim stating she only reads tabloids about HERSELF and was unaware of Kardashian's divorce what a narcissistic loser and liar!


love thm both bt disapointed that MARIAH should mek such acomment being the woman we've loved 4empowerg yang women,


That interrelated to one another,if theres one bad then the hollywood will be bad. Since they call her as a hollywood entertainer that means impact to whole hollywood stars as well. Like even how chubby is your body if there is a dot of STD in it , your whole chubby body will soon become infected flabby boddy. So mariah carey is about a brave reaction to prevent her lovely community from any negatifs image.


She allows the world to watch every their movements even when they were on the bed nor bath. She was dishing out and figured herself as a hollywood entertainer. So indirectly she was representing hollywood to the world and show the world about how hollywood actually is. And hollywood itself is one unity


How do you define about beauty itsef.? For me beauty is not limited only on the physical appearance neither chubby or skinny, but strongly indicate it as how they attribute themselves to be well-proportioned in various factor such as personality, integrity, charisma nor attractiveness wether on an individual basis or by community consensus.She( kim.k) shared and publicized her personal, her life, her Serial drama to the world. She


she's probably just jealous that despite all her talent, this "talentless" beauty still gets more PR and more attention than she does! You go Kim for being famous for being famous i'm sure theres a lot of chubby face former divas out there envying you... Oops what no if course I wasnt talking about Mariah, theres a lot of chubby face has beens in Hollywood NOT!


I'm sorry but if Mariah is sooooo much more amazing than Kim, why waste time dissing on Kim and her divorce, this is clearly a person who despite all of her accomplishments still feels inadequate when compared to Kim, but I mean thats an easy one look at the incredible beauty Kim is and well... Look at Mariah...


YO! Chill w/ the violence. They're both beautiful women, but who are we to judge, we don't know them personally to know whether or not they're fake. Every single one of ya'll who is dissin' is a dayamn hater! you diss mariah, YOU A HATER! you diss kim, YOU A HATER! Every damn one of you who be dissin' is a hater! So before you go on and start dissin' a "star", why don't you get problems solved in YOUR life before you start "hatin" on a person you ONLY know from t.v .

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