Did Kate Gosselin Get a Face Lift?

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Did Kate Gosselin get plastic surgery? It wouldn't be the first time.

Recent photos certainly would suggest it. When the former reality star recently reported for her first day of work as a CouponCabin (dot) com blogger, she revealed a new face to accompany her new gig, according to Us Weekly. The difference is notable.

Take a look at Kate Gosselin pictures through the years and see:

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery

"She's consumed with her appearance," a source says of Gosselin, 36.

To keep a youthful appearance, the former reality star (Kate Plus 8 was canned, mercifully, this year) the single mom of eight relies on thrice-weekly tanning sessions ... and possibly Botox, and/or a face lift. Note the unnaturally arched eyebrows. Ick.

Not surprising, a source says: "Kate wants to look 10 years younger."

Don't we all. Luckily, not all of us overdo it in pursuit of a lost cause.

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PLEASE GO AWAY KATE. NO ONE ACTUALLY KNEW YOU WERE HERE IN OZ OUTSIDE QUEENSLAND and steve, OUR STEVE, would have been turning in his grave seeing her and those brats with his 2 great kids, who, despite their MOM!!!! have their feet planted firmly on the ground. Go home Kate and stay there and please disappear, TLC said you would, but you are still on our screens and it is sickening.


Kate deserved plastic surgery all of those babies that she had by that philandering husband of hers. She was in love and wanted the ideal marriage and family and when she figured out that, that was impossible to achieve she started trying to make herself more attractive. Smart move Kate.


Of course she's had plastic surgery....just look at the nose.
Sadly it's all about her...money, stardom,looks,career and her public image. ($$$$)
As much as she tries to portray to be the 'perfect' mother, it is OBVIOUS that the children will always come 2nd to her and her career.


A healthy lifestyle and good skin my A$$. Another one of her gazillion lies ! Personally i could care less if she has plastic surgery . It's her life.. But, does she have to lie about it . ALL her worshipers need to realize that she has lost about 99% of the publics interest because of her lies and Diva demands. So tired of hearing that we are just jealous of her. ha ha Only an idiot would want to be use like her !


She whines she has no money but she bought an expensive sports car that seats 2! WHAT!!! Who does that with all those kids?!!!! Shes
spending her childrens money for sure. I bet you by the tine they are ready for College there will be no money left. The Government will be paying the bill.


The wicked witch of the east is still in Kansas, Instead of all the cosmetic plastic surgery, maybe you should try eating a few red apples off the trees from "The Wizard of Oz"....who knows, maybe a new house will fall in your lap for free!!!


Kate can lift tuck squeeze or pluck anything, just like any of us. Mind your own plastic surgery!


For the love of god stop hating on Kate already! Unless you personally know her, and know what it's like to keep a family of 8 young children healthy and safe, then STFU! Her ex Jon was nothing more than an immature brat and a useless waste of carbon. She is essentially raising those kids alone, and not on welfare or any other government assistance. She EARNED her money and what she does with it is nobody's business.


Oh lets let her be, she is a B^%$# but she looks good, I like the short acemetrical hair to th face look, thats my favorite, she is pretty now....if she had surgery good for her...


Anytime you tan that much it is physically impossible to look 10 years younger. You will only begin to look like a wrinkled hand bag.