Did Demi Moore Cheat on Ashton Kutcher with Ben Hollingsworth?!?

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In Touch Weekly did not get the memo: This is Kim Kardashian divorce week among supermarket tabloids.

But the publication had an alleged bombshell of its own to run in place of anonymous quotes about the end of Kim's marriage: Demi Moore cheated on Ashton Kutcher with 27-year old actor Ben Hollingsworth.

Demi Moore Affair Story

Insiders tell the magazine that Moore met Hollingsworth soon after he relocated from Canada to Los Angeles. She proceeded to introduce him around, eventually helping him land a role in The Beautiful Life, a very short-lived series on The CW produced by... Kutcher!

"They smoked a lot of weed," a source randomly says about Hollingsworth's days partying with friends at Demi and Ashton's house.

One night, Moore supposedly gave her younger pal a ride home - and then have him a ride of another kind!

"They wound up having sex in the back of the car,” claims this mole. “It just kept going from there... [Ben] said she was really hot and she took care of him."

But Hollingsworth reportedly ended the fling because he felt guilty about betraying Kutcher, who had grown into a good friend. No word on exactly when this dalliance took place, but Ashton has been the one in the cheating spotlight recently, following a naked romp in San Diego with Sara Leal.


Man, the things that SOME EXTREMELY HORNY woman will stoop to, to get a GIANT SIZED COCK, stuffed up inside, and stretch their TIGHT, HOT, and DRIPPING WET PUSSAY to the MAX LIMIT. Neill


Who gives a crap this all they want yall being so darn concerned about it its how they make money....like they need any more.... heck they need to be put in my families shoes for once and have 2 kids ages 3 and 8 months whose father is about to be deployed then will i care people say its not easy being a celebrity try being in a military house hold then you will know whats easy an whats not so stop worrying about their bs and start worrying about the unemployed and those who can barely support themselves

Dean clark

Was this before or after he slept with Charlies Mother??? rofl~~


2 wrongs don't make a right. plus who cares.


If they are cheating on each other, this means that the love is gone! it is better for them to separate or to try to work their issues!


The Bottom Line for me...I give Demi PROPS AND KUDOS for even-ing the score!!!!! And, who cares if Ben is Ashton's friend?! Ya'll, this is HOLLYWOOD!!!!! Remember, that punk-ass Ashton started it all by cheating on Demi MORE THAN ONCE!!!!! Ashton is such an overgrown douchebag!!!!! And, the Other Bottom Line for me: Demi needs A REAL MAN!!!!! A REAL MAN who is closer to her own age!!!!! Here's HOPING that she finds one...SOON!!!!! HOLLA!!!!! Until next time...Peace-Out.


@Cherry....you do know you are on a celebrity gossip site. If you don't want to read this stuff then you don't have to come here for your news...you could go to like msnbc or cnn...then you would probably read about Baby Lisa.....


Both Bruce and Ashton have been cheated on her. They have sex with the other women too!!!!!
Wishing Demi can get one who really love her and taking care on her!




Poor Demmy...

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