Derek Hough to Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Score-Board!

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The recent Dancing With the Stars feud between Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Derek Hough appears to indicate an increasingly heated rivalry and then some.

"They hate each other," a DWTS insider says.

Chmerkovskiy slammed Len Goodman on last week's show, then criticized Hough after he sided with the judge. Maks also referred to DWTS as "my show."

"I had a laugh about that," Hough said, then referred to a list of past champions at the studio: "I was just looking at the plaque upstairs and ... well, never mind."

D. Hough
M. Chmerkovskiy

Derek (with Ricki Lake) and Maks (with Hope Solo) are in this fall's final five.

That reply by three-time winner Hough (Chmerkovskiy has yet to hoist the Mirror Ball in 12 seasons; Both are alive right now) is just the latest chapter.

"The professional dance community is really small. The dancers have known one another their entire lives," says a source close to the smash hit show.

"Now that the group is famous, it's added a new level of competitiveness."

There's also the Julianne Hough factor.

Derek's sister, a fellow dancer who starred on Dancing With the Stars for many seasons, briefly dated Chmerkovskiy. It didn't last long, however.

"Julianne told Maks she didn't want to have a serious relationship," says a source.

Soon after, the Footloose star started seeing Ryan Seacrest, and Maks was accused of "planting false rumors Julianne was cheating on Ryan with Maks."

Another DWTS insider counters that Chmerkovskiy is no rumor monger and, in fact, Derek Hough isn't the nice guy he seems to be on camera.

"Derek is dating Lauren Conrad for publicity," says the source of his romance with The Hills star. "He is focused on becoming a huge star like Julianne."

Not sure we believe that either, since LC and DH are very, very low profile and he's arguably a much bigger star than she is at this point.

Still, gotta love quality Dancing With the Stars gossip!



I personally think that Hope AND JR were both on pain meds after their injuries. The were both a little "off"....


Maybe, if the voting was fair Maks would actually win a season. I had the same issue last night that many people were complaining about when he was dancing with Brandy which is not being allowed to use all 5 votes. I was only able to vote ONCE from a land line. When I pushed redial to vote again, the recording stated that 'the poll was closed for my time zone and to vote online'. How could the poll be closed for my time zone when I was able to vote just seconds before AND the show was still on the air with 30 minutes to go? If the Producers insist on deciding who is going to win that tacky MBT, then I wish they would stop patronizing the viewers by making us think that our votes actually matter, especially when we can't vote!


I think that hope should not have come on this show. From the start she fought against following any training that Max tried to give her. She was disrespectful. She knew going in that it takes a lot of work. She gave him many nasty faces and nasty remarks. I have never seen anyone like her on DWTS and hopfully won't again. She doesn't come up to the professionalism of the other contestants.


Max, for goodness sake, stop whining. Learn how to be a human being instead of a jackass.


I wonder, how safe are Maks' future partners on DWTS? I worry about their well-being. It's like knowing that an employer is abusive to his employees but management doesn't do something about it. DWTS, let go of Maks already.




Maks is always played as the bad boy. Always, receives bad edits and partners who have no dance experience. Whereas Derek couldn't cut it if he had to dance with a Kirstie Alley, Debbie Mazar or Laila Ali. To Maks credit he has done amazing teaching of women without dance background and made them to look like queens. Derek can't cut it unless he can force his way on partners with professional dance background. He has a hard time with anyone else shining in the spotlight and has to be the golden boy.


Yes, Maks has had great partners but he has ruined their dancing with his critical & mean-spirited treatment. How ironic that he berated Len for "critical" comments. Pot calling the kettle black! Maks is just not a good teacher. Hope did the best when Teddy from the dance troupe taught her the dance that Maks choreographed. And it was the only time Hope wasn't miserable. That's saying a lot.


Maks needs to just shut up and dance. He had just as much opportunity to win with Laila, Mel B, Erin and Kirstie and he couldn't get the job done. All his whining about Derek is nothing but sour grapes. And now we're going to have to deal with all the phony BFF stuff with Hope since no matter what he does or doesn't do he can't get himself eliminated like he wants this season since his crazy fans won't stop voting for him. And he figures if he needs to suffer through the rest of the season he might as well pull out all the stops in one last lame attempt to try to win this season. Because everyone knows there isn't anything Maks won't do outside of dancing if he thinks it'll help him win.


LOL!! I think most of this is rumor mongering by a Maks fan who can't stand all the current heat on Maks for his horrible treatment of Hope. What's the best way to take the focus off that?? Try and start something about Derek. Derek is the better dancer and the better human being. This is rubbish. Maks complaining about the scoring? More rubbish - Hope has been consistently over scored. Maks is crazy if he thought she deserved higher. Love how fans applaud Maks for standing up for his opinions, yet bash Derek for doing the same. Hypocrites. Maks has had Brandy, Mel B., Erin and the extremely popular Kirstie Alley -to name a few- and still couldn't win. Not Derek's fault. He's had partners who were just as good, he just can't close the deal.

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