David Arquette on Dancing With the Stars Run: A Life-Changing Experience

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This week's Dancing with the Stars results were a bit unfair to David Arquette, who did more than enough to stay in the competition at least one more week.

But rather than talking about how he should have outlasted Nancy Grace, he's taking the high road and praising the ABC show for the experience it gave him.

It's easy to see why, given that his seven-week run painted him in positive light, following a rough patch that had him making headlines for ... other reasons.

After a trip to rehab, a car accident, a separation from wife Courteney Cox, a fling with Jasmine Waltz and more details he'd just as soon forget, he now can.

"I learned a lot about myself on this show," the actor said after he and partner Kym Johnson were eliminated from the hit series on Tuesday night's program.

"I learned a lot about self-appreciation and finding joy in my life and doing things that are positive for me. Kym and I had the best time. We had a lot of fun."

Arquette, who says his votes are now going to fellow competitor J.R. Martinez, is "sad" about the dismissal, but is also looking on the bright side of leaving.

"I'm looking forward to spending time with friends, taking my daughter to school, going to ice skating with her, getting to play with her – just sleeping," he said.

"I woke up at 3:30 this morning, just amped up. It's just so much high pressure and stress. I'm looking forward to that lack of anxiety on Mondays."

Did David deserve to get the boot?


I thoroughly enjoyed David Arquette, but the greatest pleasure was watching his Daughter and the expressions when David did something that brought praise. What a sweet child - hope she stays that delightful. Jennie


David should NOT have gone home. He was a joy to watch. He always made me laugh and root for him. His childlike approach, his adorable laugh/smile, and the way he approached the process with humor and originality made the show fun. He is a unique guy, with an interesting sensibility and style. I think the show demonstrated that he is not just a substance abuser but a deep, complex, fun, and interesting person. I looked up his early history and he has been thru a lot in his life (mother was physcially abusive, father was a druggie, lived without electyricty). Good person he is indeed to have survived early adversity.


I think I pressed the incorrect button...No, David should still be there, and Nancy Grace should be gone....She has done well, and has lasted longer than I thought, but she should be gone, no David. But others should have been goen before they were and others still here....The public, is not judging on the dance, as they should. Like I said, I think Nancy wanted to gone some time ago. She needed to be. She has done wonderful, and I am proud of her. But time to go....

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